Blue Diamond Almond Facts November-December 2021

All-American Foods Served on Vietnam Airlines For the first time ever, Vietnam Airlines is offering direct flights from Vietnam to the US. To prepare their travelers for the amazing American cuisine awaiting them, the airline will serve in-flight meals and snacks that include a variety of California grown fresh produce and foods including Blue Diamond ’s single-serve Almond Breeze , a variety of cheeses, raisins, fresh grapes, and dried blueberries.

• Fully Isolated Drop on Cab • Quietest cab on the market • Best in class serviceability • Best visibility on the market

• New & improved A/C and Heating • Integrated cowling for improved sealing and maintenance

To see our complete line of harvesters, sweepers, conditioners & orchard cabs, please visit or call 209.544.8600 Built by farmers for farmers…we understand!

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