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aside for environmental quality and semiconductors support climate smart agriculture through voluntary conservation practices targeting 10 states. AMS oversees over 50 boards and committees that collect assessments, like the Almond Board of California, that are covered by these programs. Summers noted the great work these boards are doing, in partnership with AMS, to achieve climate health goals, and commended the Almond Board specifically. “The Almond Board is actively engaged with these (aforementioned) programs through research initiatives. The Almond Board of California is heavily invested in finding soil erosion solutions, greenhouse gas emission reduction studies, discovering renewable uses for almond biomass, adapting farm practices to support wetland ecosystems and wildlife habitats,” Summers stated. This is an example of how AMS partners with numerous boards to achieve climate health goals.

Lynn Jacquez, Principal and Of Counsel, JPH Law Firm, highlighted the increasing attention given to climate

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change by industry as seen in their advertising and corporate initiatives. Congress is matching this activity with legislative proposals and hearings on a wide spectrum of topics relating to climate change. According to Jacquez, at the federal level, policy can be separated into three buckets: relief/recovery, resiliency/adaptation, and sustainability. Relief/recovery policy helps producers recover from production, financial, or physical loss due to natural disasters. Policy and programs could include crop insurance, direct payments, low interest loans and cost shares. USDA administers those programs, Jacquez said, but increasingly is encouraging FEMA to take a larger role on matters more in line with their mission. Jacquez noted that discussions are underway regarding government response to what may now be perceived, amid the climate change debate, as man- made versus natural disasters. Lynn Jacquez, Principal and Of Counsel, JPH Law Firm

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