Blue Diamond Almond Facts November-December 2021


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bunched right at the top of the trunk (not uncommon with potted trees planted mid-summer), consider cutting them all off. There should be multiple branches to choose from next year at this time and you will have a stronger orchard. Fresh pruning wounds + rain = wood canker infections. Protect pruning wounds from disease infection by spraying with Topsin-M after pruning and before rain. Fungicide protection lasts two weeks, so respraying may be needed depending on the weather and timing of pruning. Infection rates were lower in January compared to earlier months (September–December). Nutrition: Potassium (K) is the one nutrient with proven economic value commonly applied in the winter. Falling behind on K fertility will reduce yield, as K deficiency (<1% July leaf K) this summer reduces yield next year. Potassium is a big-ticket item needed in large amounts in mature, productive orchards. In a tough economic year, applying some K, even if the rate is less than what’s usually applied, should avoid K deficiency while limiting cost (although it’s a good idea to take a spring leaf sample to double check that leaf K values are okay). Consult with your CCA about a cost-effective K program for 2022. The most efficient application practices now are delivering dry material to the wetting zones of micro-irrigation systems by banding or targeted broadcasting down the tree row. Final Thought When every practice is more expensive (labor, fuel, and/or materials), making sure that the job is done right the first time keeps overall management costs down. Trained staff and well- maintained and/or calibrated equipment are keys to getting the job done right the first time.

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Precision Rain - Rain when you want it, where you want it. Frost Protection - Fan-Jets can help provide frost protection by raising the ambient temperature by 2-3 degrees. Fan-Jets will allow you to push salts away from the root zone.

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Thank you! This is my last “Time to Consider” column for Almond Facts . I thank Blue Diamond Growers for the opportunity to contribute to this great publication for the last three years. Best wishes to all for a wet 2021–22 winter and successful crops in years to come.

Franz Niederholzer, UCCE Farm Advisor, Colusa and Sutter/Yuba Counties

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