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Continuing to Help Our Patients

Six Months After Our Transition to Fyzical


ix months ago, we began a transition that left our community with lots of questions. Were we selling out? Would our values change? Would our office be more industrial? The answer to all these questions was always emphatically “no.” Since transitioning from HealthMasters Hand & Physical Therapy Centers to Fyzical Therapy Balance & Hand Centers, thereby joining the Fyzical network, our clinic has seen upgrades and improvements in both our knowledge and capabilities. And we’re thrilled to watch it grow even more. A former patient called us up with a debilitating balance issue he had sustained on the golf course. He didn’t do anything crazy; he simply bent over to pick up a ball and nearly fell over. This patient had called his doctor, who prescribed him some medication and exercises to stimulate good balance. Unfortunately, nothing worked; he still felt dizzy, unbalanced, and not himself. I remember our call well. He said, “I’m really feeling terrible. Is there anything you can do?” Six months ago, I might have said no. I knew we could try a few options, but there might not have been any real help we could have given this man. But that was before we joined a group of physical therapists who provided us with extra training and resources. The man came into our northeast office for a computerized diagnostic posturography test — an assessment of the central nervous system that we offer at all of our locations — and we found some severe problems. We were able to treat him, and immediately he was able to get back to his normal, balanced life. While we were competent and skilled in the past, I’m not sure we could have done the same thing prior to six months ago. “Absolutely,” I said to him. Just a few weeks ago, we saw a perfect example of this growth.

I’m excited to see how these updated treatment options will benefit our patients. Our falls, balance, and dizziness programs have blossomed with more robust training and treatments, and in the coming months, we’re going to focus on providing education for our patients. In the past, we have offered workshops and classes, but now, we can offer our patients a more diverse education — especially since we are becoming more knowledgeable. The main goal of this transition was to better serve our patients, but we’ve seen the benefits it’s had for our physician partners as well. Doctors have been seeing steady increases in our service offerings and are excited to refer patients to our clinic, especially since it provides an alternative way to help the patients they care dearly for. An example of this just happened a few weeks ago, too. A woman was referred to us by her orthopedist after a horrible reconstructive ankle surgery left her unable to do much living. Her orthopedist knew there wasn’t too much more they could do, but was hoping we could try. We screened her and started the healing process. After that first screening, the woman was starting to feel hopeful again. “I’m so glad I’m here,” she said to me, “because I feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel ... I haven’t been able to do anything.” That’s why we made this transition. That’s why we’re improving our services, which I knew were already helping people. We want to help more; we want to provide options.

And if these past six months are any indication, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.

–Louis Zuniga

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Best in Show or Halloween Hazard?

Costume Safety Tips for Kids

For many kids, picking out a costume is the best part of Halloween. Will they be a spooky witch, a wildcat, or their favorite superhero? There are so many options! But in all the fun, it can be easy for parents to overlook certain risks that Halloween costumes can pose. Here are important safety tips to remember when choosing the best Halloween costume. Look for fire-resistant costumes. Candles inside jack-o’-lanterns and other open flames are everywhere on Halloween night, so make sure your child’s costume isn’t a fire hazard. Most store-bought costumes are made from fire-resistant materials, but you should still check the labels on all costumes, wigs, and accessories. The same goes when you’re buying fabric for homemade costumes. And remember, fire-resistant is not the same as fireproof. While fire-resistant material takes longer to burn and can be put out quickly, it can still catch fire and cause serious injuries. Remind your child to use caution around open flames and avoid costumes with flimsy, hanging components, like flowing sleeves, long skirts, and capes. Test makeup first. Halloween is a great time to have fun with face paint, and makeup is a good alternative to masks, which can obscure a Justin Valdez fell into physical therapy after his final undergraduate internship at a pediatrician’s office, and while it’s not the path he originally thought he would go down, seeing his clients succeed and push themselves further than before assures him he made the right choice. After that internship, his mentor at the pediatrician’s office encouraged him to pursue physical therapy. In 2012, Justin received a degree in exercise science from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and in 2016, he received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Texas at El Paso. Justin began his career at our clinic as a physical therapy tech, and after graduation, he became a physical therapist. In February 2019, Justin will celebrate two years with us. And in those two years, he’s gotten plenty of opportunities to see his work in action. “My favorite success stories are getting a young athlete back to the sport that they love or hearing from them that they had a good season,” Justin says. “... I like when they exceed their own expectations.”

child’s vision. However, a lot of costume makeup isn’t approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Before letting your child cover their

face in makeup from the Halloween store, test their skin for allergic reactions by putting just a little bit on the back of their hand first.

Practice prop safety. What’s a Jedi Knight without her lightsaber or a wizard without his magic wand? The right accessories can really bring a costume together, but it’s important that props — especially weapon props, like swords, knives, or guns — are not mistaken for the real thing. Choose props that are obviously fake, with round edges made from soft, flexible material. And if your child wants to wear their Halloween costume to school or some other event, check the rules on props beforehand to avoid any trouble. Halloween is a night for ghosts and goblins to come out to play, and with these tips, your kids can safely dress up and join in the fun.

A Physical Therapist Dedicated to Learning Meet Justin Valdez

The added emphasis on training for balance therapy and fall prevention that has come with our clinic’s recent transition to Fyzical has been motivating for Justin. That motivation and his wonderful coworkers have kept the native El Pasoan at Fyzical for the past two years. Justin is looking forward to extending his education and training with us here in El Paso as the center continues to expand its services. With these new training opportunities, Justin says he is hoping to find his niche and continue to hear success stories from his patients.

“I enjoy the new training and people telling me that they’re no longer falling — they’re now able to leave their house and can enjoy time at the park with their families,” says Justin. “That’s what I want to do, and I love it. And that’s what I love about the company.”

We love working with you, Justin! Keep up your great work.

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The Power of the Pool What Aquatic Therapy Can Do for You

WORKSHOP Low Back Pain & Sciatica In the past few months, have you: 1. Missed work due to sciatica or back pain? 2. Missed out on a family vacation or activity you love because you’re afraid of aggravating your sciatica? 3. Found yourself worrying more about your pain, numbness, and tingling than you do about your day-to-day life? 4. Tried EVERYTHING, and just want to return to normal? If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, FYZICAL owner Louis Zuniga would like to invite you to our upcoming FREE Low Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop! October 20th at 10AM A dip in the pool might seem like a great way to relax on a hot day, but it can also be a powerful form of physical therapy. Those who suffer from lower back pain or arthritis might find it’s a gentle way to strengthen their bodies, while those recovering from an injury or chronic disease will find consistent relief. It might seem hard to believe, but here are some ways aquatic therapy can help you. Welcome to the Gun Show Can you lift 1 pound? Seems simple for most people. Now, can you do it underwater? Again, probably, but the natural resistance of water will make this task more difficult and therefore build stronger muscles. Meanwhile, the natural properties of the water will make the motion gentler on your body. Who knew you could build killer muscles by doing water aerobics? Don’t Bring Me Down Instead of gravity pushing you down as it usually does when you’re surrounded by air, your buoyancy in water will push your body upward. When you’re doing an exercise in a pool, you may fall, but

unlike on land, you’ll land softly and be pushed upward. Water is the perfect place to train your body to stay upright and rely on its own strength to remain balanced. Eventually, you can transfer this strength to your normal life. Live Pain-Free Physical therapy is hard. You’re working your body in ways it might resist at first. But

when you train in the water, your joints don’t feel as much of the pressure and pain they do on land. For example, exercising your legs can cause knee pain due to the impact of movements. In the water, your knees aren’t having to absorb as much impact. The water cushions your body and helps you feel calmer and lighter, while the exercises are just as effective. You’ll gradually experience both improvement and less pain. At Fyzical Therapy Balance & Hand Centers, our aquatic therapy programs are some of the best in the region, and our director, Virginia Lopez, works hard to ensure it stays that way. Learn more by calling us at 915-313-6331 or by visiting .

Paleo Pumpkin Coconut Smoothie

This meal-in-a-glass smoothie will cure your craving for a pumpkin spice latte. It’s packed with nutrients and fall flavor. If you’re the type of person who uses your blender more than your pots and pans, you’ll definitely want to add this recipe to your rotation.


• •

1 cup coconut milk

2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice (or substitute with cinnamon and ginger) 1 frozen banana, sliced

1/4 cup organic pumpkin purée

• •

1 cup ice


4758 Loma Del Sur El Paso, TX 79934 Call CHRISTY today at 915-313-6331 and she’ll happily set you up!

1. In a blender, combine all ingredients. 2. Blend on high or on smoothie setting until smooth.

3. Transfer to a cold glass, garnish with pumpkin pie spice, and serve. • 3


4758 Loma Del Sur El Paso, TX 79934

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Continuing to Help Our Patients

What Parents Need to Know About Halloween Costumes

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The Power of Aquatic Therapy

Don’t Miss This Free Low Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop

Paleo Pumpkin Coconut Smoothie

El Paso’s October Events

Celebrate October With These Fun Events in El Paso If you’re looking for the perfect Halloween celebration this October, look no further than El Paso. Check out some of these October events … if you dare! Boo at the Zoo Where: The El Paso Zoo When : Saturday, Oct. 27 and Sunday, Oct. 28, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Get lost this fall at El Paso’s Farm Land Corn Maze. Curious adventurers can explore this year’s dinosaur-themed maze, while families can also enjoy pedal carts, a tire pyramid, the Kiddie Maze, and rubber duck races. Hop on the cow train to visit Patsy’s Pumpkin Patch, and take home your own souvenir to carve and decorate. Visit for more information and pricing. Wine About It Lions, Dinosaurs, and Wine — Oh My!

What: El Paso Wine Fest Where: 104 N. Mesa St. When: Saturday, Oct. 27 from noon to 4 p.m. Admission: $100

Make this year’s Halloween celebrations wild, while also taming the scares for the kids. Children and their families are invited to trick or treat at the El Paso Zoo and take part in various Halloween-themed activities and games. Candy stations and educational exhibits and games will add to the zoo’s already packed lineup of must-do activities, which features the splash pad, Tree House Playground, and the Hunt Family Endangered Species Carousel. Visit the El Paso Zoo’s Facebook page for more information. So Corny Where: El Paso’s Farm Land Corn Maze When: Saturdays and Sundays through Nov. 4 Admission: Varies by age

Do the Halloween scares have you freaked out this season? Take the edge off at the El Paso Rotary Club’s Wine Fest! Sample more than 300 wines from various countries, and pair them with more than 15 of El Paso’s top restaurants’ culinary creations. Learn more about the experts on wine themselves, as representatives from Napa wine country will be on hand with some of their creations and expertise. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Rotary’s yearly charitable works. Visit the Rotary Club’s Facebook page for more information.

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