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Continuing to Help Our Patients

Six Months After Our Transition to Fyzical


ix months ago, we began a transition that left our community with lots of questions. Were we selling out? Would our values change? Would our office be more industrial? The answer to all these questions was always emphatically “no.” Since transitioning from HealthMasters Hand & Physical Therapy Centers to Fyzical Therapy Balance & Hand Centers, thereby joining the Fyzical network, our clinic has seen upgrades and improvements in both our knowledge and capabilities. And we’re thrilled to watch it grow even more. A former patient called us up with a debilitating balance issue he had sustained on the golf course. He didn’t do anything crazy; he simply bent over to pick up a ball and nearly fell over. This patient had called his doctor, who prescribed him some medication and exercises to stimulate good balance. Unfortunately, nothing worked; he still felt dizzy, unbalanced, and not himself. I remember our call well. He said, “I’m really feeling terrible. Is there anything you can do?” Six months ago, I might have said no. I knew we could try a few options, but there might not have been any real help we could have given this man. But that was before we joined a group of physical therapists who provided us with extra training and resources. The man came into our northeast office for a computerized diagnostic posturography test — an assessment of the central nervous system that we offer at all of our locations — and we found some severe problems. We were able to treat him, and immediately he was able to get back to his normal, balanced life. While we were competent and skilled in the past, I’m not sure we could have done the same thing prior to six months ago. “Absolutely,” I said to him. Just a few weeks ago, we saw a perfect example of this growth.

I’m excited to see how these updated treatment options will benefit our patients. Our falls, balance, and dizziness programs have blossomed with more robust training and treatments, and in the coming months, we’re going to focus on providing education for our patients. In the past, we have offered workshops and classes, but now, we can offer our patients a more diverse education — especially since we are becoming more knowledgeable. The main goal of this transition was to better serve our patients, but we’ve seen the benefits it’s had for our physician partners as well. Doctors have been seeing steady increases in our service offerings and are excited to refer patients to our clinic, especially since it provides an alternative way to help the patients they care dearly for. An example of this just happened a few weeks ago, too. A woman was referred to us by her orthopedist after a horrible reconstructive ankle surgery left her unable to do much living. Her orthopedist knew there wasn’t too much more they could do, but was hoping we could try. We screened her and started the healing process. After that first screening, the woman was starting to feel hopeful again. “I’m so glad I’m here,” she said to me, “because I feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel ... I haven’t been able to do anything.” That’s why we made this transition. That’s why we’re improving our services, which I knew were already helping people. We want to help more; we want to provide options.

And if these past six months are any indication, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.

–Louis Zuniga

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