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Plan Ahead for Stony Brook If your boy is only five, eight, or ten, it is not too soon to begin to plan his college-preparatory education. The wisest decisions are made after careful investigation. Moreover, many of the better preparatory schools have few vacancies and early application is desirable. What do you want in your boy’s school? You may be among the many parents who prefer: 1 ) Christian program that un­ dertakes to reach every boy. 2) Small classes, individual at­ tention to each boy's aca­ demic needs. 3) Sound, thorough instruction, accredited f o r college en­ trance. 4) Experienced, Christian mas­ ters, whose influence will be felt on your boy in the class­ room, on the athletic field, and in the dormitory. 5) Boarding school life which gives your boy an opportu­ nity to grow in manliness as he lives in a school commu­ nity. 6) An excellent school reputa­ tion, established by the edu­ cation of boys, sent from almost every state and many foreign countries, and the record they have made in the colleges and universities. If you wish to plan ahead, write to the Headmaster for a copy of the School catalogue. t o n y / j r o o k J c h o o l FRANK E. GAEBELEIN. LITT.D., Headmaster Stony Brook, Long Island, N. Y. Please Mention King*s Business James A. Stewart MORSEL ALONE? The prayers of all the readers of the King’s Business are earnestly solicited. Subscribe to THE GOSPEL FOR THE CONTINENT, our official missionary paper. Co-editors James A. Stewart, and Dr. Her­ bert Lockyer. 50c per year. Read about the early life of James Stew­ art. Attractive booklet, MY STORY, 50c postpaid. Write your nearest office for literature or information. 1179 Delaware Ave. Buffalo 9, N. Y. 602 Witherspoon Bldg. Philadelphia 7, Pa. 4 Gowan Ave. Toronto 6, Ontario, Canada 20 Algie St. Glasgow S. I. Scotland JAMES A. STEWART Founder and General Director Mrs. R. E. Neighbour, Home Director Dr. Harlin .1. Roper, Pastor Scofield Memorial Church For Sunday Schools, Bible Classes, Young People’s and Missionary Societies, Vaca­ tion Bible Schools, Prayer Meetings, and Home Study. Samples 15c; 4 grades 50c; Complete set $2.40. THROUGH THE BIBLE STUDY 2010 Bryan St. Dallas 1, Texas THROUGH THE BIBLE STUDY Genesis to Revelation, Chapter by Chapter. The European Evangelistic Crusade, Inc. is reaching Europe’s starv­ ing millions with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ t h r o u g h its international evangelistic Bands. HAVE YOU EATEN YOUR

Send for your free copy o f this remarkable testi­ mony of hatred turned to love. A JEW AND THE NAME of JESUS m r r ¡ t i n m r r u f f l » Hear, O Israel; Jehovah Oar God, Jehovah is One!

A p o s i t i v e , evangelical

• features each month a digest of the finest articles in current religious literature • h»s a strong editorial policy true to the great doctrines of evangelical Christianity • contains in each issue a cross-section of the best thought of leaders in evangelical Christianity • brings its readers special features in the exclusive articles of its new con- tributing editors: RICHARD ELLSWORTH DAY, D.D. Eminent Christian Biographer H. A . IRONSIDE, LLD . Nationally Known Bible Teacher and Pastor Dr. Day is currently writing for Religious Digest a series of twelve biographical vignettes

Daniel Rose, Director Trustee, Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Elder, Church of the Open Door The Bible Institute of Los Angeles maintains a J e w i s h Department whose ministry deals .with the preach­ ing of the Gospel to God’s ancient people, Israel. From this office go out thousands of pieces of literature especially prepared to interest the Jews. Also many of the students are engaged in visitation work, calling upon the Jewish people and inviting them to the meetings. Teams of stu­ dents hold regular street meetings in places where an audience can be se­ cured. Various prayer meetings are held and every Sunday at 4 p. m. in the lower auditorium of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles a mass meet­ ing is held with fine speakers. You are invited to pray, for the work of the Jewish Department, and to sup­ port this ministry by your prayers and gifts.

Beacon Lights of Grace Every pastor and re­ ligious worker — in fact, everyone inter­ ested in the onward march of Christiani­ ty — should read the thrilling story of these twelve men who, as Dr. Day puts it, "had two strikes on them before they started." The regular subscrip­ tion price of this beautifully printed, 96 - p a g e magazine, with two-color cover, is $3.00 per year —and worth it!

But we are giving, as an

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with every one-year subscription at $3.00 choice of two new Eerdmans books re- t a i l i n g at $1.00 each: Our Father A Devotional Study of the Lord’s Prayer. Psalms for Sighs A Devotional Study of Psalms for the Disheartened. Both of these heart­ warming volumes are from the pen of that prince of Bible Expositors

Address all communications to DANIEL ROSE, Director Jewish Department Bible Institute of Los Angeles 558 S. Hope Street Los Angeles 13, California

Alexander MacLaren Order your subscription TODAY and receive FREE the book of your choice. THE R E L IG IO U S DIGEST

255 Jefferson Ave., S.E. Grand Rapids 3, Mich.

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