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Fighting the Flood How My Boys and I Ferried People to Safety

It’s Halloween season, but those of us living in Houston experienced more than our share of scariness before October rolled around. Less than two months ago, Houston experienced its worst disaster in history. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced from their homes, and dozens lost their lives to flooding. Throughout the disaster, it was inspiring to see neighbors rescuing and supporting each other. At our house, we certainly tried to do our part. Our team at The College Money Guys was lucky. None of us had water in our homes, although two of our team members were blocked from getting into their houses by rising water. Sonya, our Director of First Impressions, returned home to discover that the water was too high to open the door. As her family stood in the water, a boat pulled up and got them out. She was able to spend the weekend with friends. At our house, we watched from our front yard as the water entered the houses across the street and crept slowly up toward ours. Miraculously, the water never got high enough to cross our threshold. But when we saw people in the neighborhood who weren’t so lucky, my sons and I set off in a canoe to ferry people to dry land. Some homes in the area had up to four feet of water. While passing one house, we heard voices. We carefully paddled into the front den and found a man and a woman propped up on the counter to stay dry. The old man seemed to be in bad shape; he was jaundiced and had a mask over his face. We found out he was in need of dialysis. We ferried him out and got him some help. We don’t know where he went or what happened to him, but responders told us that if we hadn’t found him, he might have died.

parking lot using landscaping stones from a Jack in the Box. We also found neighbors experiencing water damage and helped them get their belongings propped up on paint cans. As for The College Money Guys headquarters, we had to shut down for two weeks. Our downstairs almost completely flooded and needed a new floor. Our phones and internet didn’t work, and we didn’t have access to our server. We worked out of a temporary office to stay on top of emails. But we weren’t the only ones who shut down, so we can’t complain.

As I reflect, I’m proud of how everyone helped each other out. If you were one of the thousands who lent a helping hand, we thank you for your support. Like I said, we’ve had our fair share of scares before Halloween season even started. It’s also FAFSA season, which can be a scary time for parents. If there’s anything I learned from the last few months, it’s that us Texans have the spirit to overcome any scary thing that comes our way.

All told, we carried five or six families to dry land. Our strength eventually wore out. Before getting the cops, we spelled out SOS in a

“We watched from our front yard as the water entered the houses across the street and crept slowly up toward ours.”

– Bra nnon Lloyd

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