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January 2018



The Importance of Proper Goal Setting

our clients. Our new staff will also give us the capacity to host more client-centric events, such as client gatherings and education seminars. I have never been much for resolutions. I prefer to set small, incremental goals for self-improvement that will hopefully manifest as habits. For example, to help with productivity, I forced myself to create a to-do list at the end of each day for the following day. For high-importance items, I schedule a chunk of time the next day to give all of my focus to that particular item. I am constantly trying to break down larger goals into a system of implementations — things I can consistently work toward. During the process, I evaluate myself to make sure I am cultivating the right daily habits to ultimately reach the bigger-picture goal. The idea is that I will be incrementally closer to obtaining my goals at the end of every day. When I help my clients set goals for their businesses and estate plans, I use a similar process. Whether it’s contingency planning, financial planning, or estate planning, it’s a fluid process, and goals can change. We don’t have to have the perfect plan in place for all situations. We just need to have the perfect plan in place for a particular moment in time. We make sure our basics are covered and do what makes sense currently for each individual client. As time continues, we reevaluate and adjust according to life changes, economic changes, and family growth. It’s never a straight line. It’s a series of moving targets. Your goals must change as your life changes.

I’m winded! Upon reaching a certain age, it starts to seem like the years just mush together with no real end or beginning. Life just marches on. 2017 was not one of those years for me. With a new kid and a growing practice, 2017 was truly life-changing. My wife takes more care of me than I do of her, so this year was the first time in my life that I was truly beholden to another human. Gone are the days when I was able to work all weekend or stay late at the office to catch up on work. Those hours are now officially reserved for dad duty. With a growing practice and time now at a premium, 2017 “We don’t have to have the perfect plan in place for all situations. We just need to have the perfect plan in place for a particular moment in time.”

has pushed me to take a hard look at how I spend my workday and what systems I need to implement in my practice to optimize efficiency. On that note, I want to take a moment to say thank you to all of my clients, friends, and colleagues who have sent referrals my way. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many great people through my work, and I truly appreciate that you trust me enough to recommend me to your family, friends, and clients. I look forward to continuing to provide excellent service as time goes on. Thank you to everyone who has referred my services to their loved ones. The business couldn’t grow without you. This year, I look forward to adding more teammembers to our Kansas City office to better serve our clients. By January, we plan on having a client-relationship manager in place so that we remain fully accessible to

Here’s to a wonderful 2018.

-John Thompson

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