Fyzical Therapy Balance & Hand Centers January 2019

Helping Our Nation’s Heroes Fyzical El Paso Makes a Pledge to Help Veterans


ast month, we announced that Fyzical El Paso will be regularly raising money and awareness for a local charitable organization. There are so many great groups in this community, and it warmed our hearts to know all of the good being done in El Paso. But the organization we wanted to help had to have a personal

connection to us and our mission of helping our patients live the healthiest and happiest lives they can. We wanted an organization that flew under the radar, because we wanted to help a group that could use some time in the spotlight. This month, I’m proud to announce Fyzical El Paso’s new dedication to Veterans Non Profit (VNP). This organization is 100 percent run by volunteers and began on a shoestring budget in 2015. This small, local group offers both a food and clothing pantry to give assistance to our nation’s heroes living on a limited income. A pet food pantry also offers veterans’ service dogs a guarantee of a next meal, and the group has partnerships with local barbers. We’re excited to see where this endeavor will go, and we already have some ideas in mind. There’s a half-marathon coming up this winter, and we will have someone running with a 20-pound metal plate and vest to raise awareness and fundraise for VNP. We also have local celebrity and health-related ideas in the works, as we continue to plan and organize the best way to help VNP. As readers will remember, I’m a devout patriot. I’ve always had tremendous respect for our nation’s veterans, and I’m proud of the military family I’ve married into. It’s incredibly devastating to me that we still have homeless, hungry, and jobless veterans in our nation. These men and women sacrificed time with their families, gave up parts of their lives, and endured mental turmoil for our sake. This is bigger than us; it’s time for us to step up for them. At Fyzical El Paso, we have a unique opportunity to provide expertise to our nation’s bravest men and women by offering them a small token of appreciation through our pain mitigation services. We often see veterans coming into our clinic for both service-

and non-service-related injuries, and we’re more than happy to help them. These patients have a strength us non-veterans can’t imagine, and there are some that are very memorable to us. A few months ago, we had an honorably discharged veteran come to us for care. He had to leave the service because of his multiple sclerosis. This was a devastating blow to a man who had decided to dedicate his career to the military, and in a matter of months, a diagnosis ripped that away from him. During his initial examination, he broke down to our physical therapist five different times. He told us he feels hopeless and worries that nothing can be done for him. But we know we can help him. It’s our mission to help our patients feel better as we work with them, encourage them, and lift them up. That’s exactly what we’ll do for this veteran. We know there’s plenty that can be done for him, and his sacrifice and dedication to our country makes him more than worth our dedication. That’s exactly the reason we chose VNP as a partner organization. We know we can alleviate a veteran’s pain, but we also want to help them when they feel lost and are looking for a job. We want to offer support and warmth when they worry where their next meal is coming from. We want to be part of a community that’s continuously there for them. We have the dedication to do this, and we hope you’ll join us.

–Louis Zuniga

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