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A Medication RESULTING IN A MEDICAL MALPR When you’re given a new medication, you rely on your doctor to ensure it is the right treatment for your particular condition. That is their responsibility. Doctors must prescribe appropriate medications and take patients’ medical histories, drug allergies, other medications, and overall medical status into consideration as they prescribe any new medication. If they give someone the wrong type of medication, then the consequences can be catastrophic. When a doctor, pharmacy, or drug supplier makes a medication error that harms someone, that person may need to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. An attorney can lead a medication error-based medical malpractice claim in several ways. Here are the three common leads: • Prescribing Errors: This occurs when the defendant didn’t prescribe the correct medication to the patient, meaning the wrong medication, dosage, or delivery method. • Prescription Filling Errors: These cases involve

A Meal for Every Member of the Family


Meals on Wheels doesn’t often get the credit it deserves. The international nonprofit ensures those who are unable to buy or make their own meals get the food they need to survive. Of course, for many recipients, the efforts of the organization go far beyond “survival.” For those who receive food daily or weekly, those deliveries may be their only source of social interaction. And during times of social distancing, the program became more important than ever. Meals on Wheels doesn’t just serve meals to the elderly and people with disabilities — it also serves those people’s pets. In 2019, Meals on Wheels Atlanta realized there was a huge need in their community to feed the pets of senior citizens. It stands to reason that if an elderly individual is unable to shop or cook for themselves, their pets may be in a similar predicament. And when someone’s pet is their entire world, making sure the animal is fed and healthy means everything. In response to this need, Meals on Wheels Atlanta began stocking up on cat and dog food, creating its own pantry to serve the local pet community. When volunteers made their rounds delivering meals to seniors, they made sure to bring cat and dog food along, too. One volunteer with Meals on Wheels Atlanta, Larry Auberbach, had a unique experience delivering meals to Jeffery Jones and his dog, Grizzly. The volunteer told 11Alive News in Atlanta that Jeffery and Grizzly “have their own special relationship.” Larry loved Grizzly long before Meals on Wheels Atlanta started the pet pantry because he saw how much Grizzly’s companionship meant to Jeffery. Now, Larry enjoys his service that much more since he gets to provide for Jeffery’s beloved pet as well. On top of delivering food to seniors and their pets, Meals on Wheels Atlanta also delivers pet toys and pet beds, and they are happy to take in any pet-related food or items for donation. The organization says this endeavor was done out of love, not only for the people they serve but also for the whole family — wagging tails, fuzzy whiskers, and all.

pharmacies that fill prescriptions. Pharmacy employees must ensure they fill prescriptions accurately and consult with prescribing doctors if they have any questions or concerns. Getting out the Grill STAY SAFEWHILE COOKING UP YOUR MEAL!



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