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PUTNAM DENTAL MISSIONS Why We Started and How You Can Help

In June 2015, Putnam Dental Missions was founded with a mission to provide education and no- cost dental services, both locally and abroad, to people

Although dentistry is my job, and it’s easy for many people here to receive dental care, infections are prevalent in less fortunate communities. The skills that my co-workers and I possess save the lives of people living in underserved areas, and it is our responsibility to use our knowledge to help others. Another great aspect of working with Putnam Dental Missions is the sense of camaraderie we feel toward each other while we serve others. My favorite part about working with Putnam Dental Missions is meeting the people I have the honor of serving. These individuals come from places where they don’t always have access to running water or electricity, but their hearts are filled with joy. They can never thank us enough, and frankly, it grounds me. I like to say that we experience paradise in poverty while we volunteer. These individuals never reflect their environment or circumstances. The biggest goal that Putnam Dental Missions is striving for is expansion. We are committed to the Dominican Republic at the moment, but we would love to expand locally as well as throughout the world, wherever we are called. We would love to see more individuals familiar with dentistry get involved with Putnam Dental Missions, but we welcome volunteers from all backgrounds. If you would like to get involved with Putnam Dental Missions, you can volunteer with Dentistry From The Heart, give money for the purchase of equipment, donate to the scholarship fund, or buy our Tooth Fairy bracelets. Please feel free to call us at 845-279-3720 to learn more about Putnam Dental Missions, and refer our programs to your friends in the dental field! Thank you, Dr. Ern, for your willingness to commit to Putnam Dental Missions and your endless support of our philanthropic efforts. I am so excited to see what we accomplish in the coming years. Toni Viau

without access to dental health benefits.

Dr. Ern and I founded Putnam Dental Missions together.


For the past 20 years, I have been serving young adults in need on mission trips with my church to South Africa and Mexico. When I was a child, my family instilled in me the importance of serving others, and we often went on mission trips. I have always been passionate about serving others, so when I saw an opportunity to combine my profession with philanthropy, I jumped at the chance. I wear two hats at Putnam Dental Associates. I am a dental hygienist, but I am also the vice president of Putnam Dental Missions. I clean teeth, but I also recruit volunteers, coordinate fundraising, and spread the word about Putnam Dental Missions. Though I had personally volunteered abroad, I have not had the opportunity to travel overseas to provide dental care to those in need. My time in South Africa was spent at an orphanage, and in Mexico I was at a vacation Bible school. I have also volunteered at soup kitchens in cities like Philadelphia. I would love to see Putnam Dental Missions make it to each of these places someday. A great thing about working with Putnam Dental Missions is that I am able to use my gift of dentistry to change other people’s lives.

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