Crest Ink - Volume 29 - Number 04

Getting to Know Sanitation B-Shift Their group may be small, but their impact is mighty. The 10 employees (there were only 9 at the time this printed) who make up the B-Shift Sanitation crew at Crest Foods essentially support all 40 Contract Packaging production lines and complete general housekeeping for many of our buildings. Packaging Sanitation functions on three shifts as a support department for Contract Packaging Operations. They are one of a handful of support departments that enables us to keep our production lines running. Seven of the 10 employees in the B-Shift group are the people that you see out on the production floor. While their day is never the same, it mostly revolves around changeovers, which is making sure equipment is cleaned as quickly and efficient- ly as possible when changing from one product or flavor to another. On average, the Sanitation Department per- forms about 50 changeovers on a weekly basis, with 1/3 of them typically taking place on the B-Shift. When not doing changeovers, you can find this versatile crew working on Master Cleans and miscellaneous odd jobs which could range from recycling to setting up tables and chairs for celebrations and meetings. Container Manage- ment rounds out their list of responsibilities, meaning they help in the task of keeping about 500 “containers” washed and flowing through both the Mix and Production Departments. Three of the 10 employees in this group are then responsible for keeping all of our office and common areas clean. Their large turf includes the West Warehouse, North Plant, Consumer Products Lab, Machine Shop and Main Plant. With a lot of ground to cover and lines to support, this group is an extremely necessary part of the production process. Whether they are keeping our hallways and bathrooms clean or they are washing equipment, we need them in order to function the way we want to at Crest Foods. We appreciate their collective efforts as a group to give us a clean place to work and help us produce the best quality food products that we can.

Abed Alfarraj Time @ Crest Foods: 3 months

Interests? Video games, hanging out with friends, going on trips, and basketball. 1 thing most people don’t know about you? I was born in Jordan and came to the US when I was 9 years old.

Harley Brandel Time @ Crest Foods: 1 year Interests? Hunting, building mud trucks, and racing demo derby cars 1 thing most people don’t know about you? I have a collec- tion of at least 400 white tail deer antler sheds.

Arial Burke Time @ Crest Foods: 2 months Interests? Guitar, skate boarding, cooking and baking 1 thing most people don’t know about you? My girlfriend, Ashley Martinez, also works at Crest Foods.

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