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Unlock the true potential of your business with the UK POS point-of-sale inspiration guide. It’s full of displays that are guaranteed to attract attention and boost sales in-store.

Point of Sale Displays

The UK’s No.1 POS Display Specialists

Snap it up

Discover our full range of snap frames

As one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of snap frames and poster cases, we have an extensive range available and in stock.

Snap frame allows quick poster changes

Fixings included. Pre-drilled and ready to be used instantly


Our best selling Snap Frame model is perfect for use almost anywhere, and comes with a FREE anti-glare PVC cover. It’s arguably the most popular way of displaying graphics in a variety of business types, from retail and leisure through to hospitality.

PFG3 25mm Silver Snap Frame, A0 - A5 sizes /from £3.71




Fabulous frames Our snap frame poster holders are available in a massive range of colours, finishes and sizes, so you can find exactly what you need to promote your business messages and offers.

Available in various colours and finishes

PFG8 Silver Snap Frame 25mm with Round Corners, A4 - A1 sizes /from £3.95

SFGX Budget Backless Snap Frame, A3 and A4 sizes /from £3.19

PFG9 25mm Black Snap Frame, A0 - A5 sizes /from £4.02

PFG 25mm Snap Frames, A0 - A5 sizes /from £3.71



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Lockable poster cases


Our lockable poster cases are great for both indoor and outdoor use. They’re particularly ideal for outside displays, as you won’t need to worry about the display being removed or defaced when unattended. This poster display case looks good in indoor or outdoor public areas, retail stores, offices, service stations, hotels, spas and many more businesses.

Our lockable poster cases are the best way to be sure that your artwork is safe and protected at all times, thanks to tamper-resistant features.

Lockable poster frame supplied with keys

Available in black or silver finishes

In-built arm keeps the door propped open

SLF Lockable Poster Case, A0 - A4, plus 40” x 60” and 20” x 30” sizes, black or silver frame /from £27.50




Acrylic poster sleeves

If these walls could talk... We offer our wall mounted poster display frames in a wide range of materials, including acrylic, aluminium and PVC options. Wall mounted poster frames will save you floor and counter space.

AS5 Acrylic Poster Sleeve, A1 - A8 sizes /from £0.66

Discover our full range of wall mounted displays

Easily wall mount your graphics, information sheets, product specifications and directional signage using these poster sleeves. They are stylish slide-in pockets which are cost effective to use at high volumes and come in both portrait and landscape orientations. This item is suitable for holding a wide variety of popular paper sizes that are up to 1mm thick. Complete your POS display in one convenient order by adding custom printed posters to your A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 sleeves.

WMHK Acrylic Wall Mounted Poster Kit /from £9.18

WML LED Illuminated Wall Mounted Poster Kit /from £70.18

WMP Acrylic Wall Mounted Panel Poster Kit /from £11.97

Easy to change slide-in poster sleeve design

Also available in landscape


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All a-board Our high-quality A Boards are great value and a fantastic way to advertise your business outdoors and increase footfall, or for promoting offers and displaying information indoors. At UK POS, we stock a wide range of A frame advertising signs in a variety of colours, sizes and finishes.

Hinged for quick foldaway storage

Snap frame for easy poster changes


The Silver A Board is designed with galvanised steel back panels and anodised aluminium 32mm Clipable snap frames. A 32mm snap frame has a 10mm poster edge overlap on each side and a secure grip. The board comes complete with rubber feet for extra protection. Featuring hinges at the top, this A board pavement sign is easy to fold away and transport whenever required.

Available in a variety of colours

Discover our full range of pavement signs

ABG1 Silver A Board, A0 - A2, plus 20” x 30” sizes /from £52.92

ABG9 Black A Board Pavement Sign, A1 and A2 sizes /from £54.00


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Made in the UK

We boast: • UK-based manufacturing • Fast product turnaround

• Design prototyping using the latest CAD and 3D technology • Large low-cost product roll outs

We operate from a state-of-the art 60,000 sq ft facility in Greater Manchester. Thanks to our dedicated in-house research and development team, whatever your brand demands, we can deliver. Our team can work with you to create a bespoke solution for your space, budget and marketing ambitions. Our specialist equipment makes the bespoke manufacturing process very efficient and ensures you’re receiving the very best service. From concept to completion, our team will make sure you are 100% satisfied every step of the way.

Also available in black

ABG2 A Board Snap Frame, A1 and A2 sizes /from £48.50

SBGX Budget A Board, A1 and A2 sizes /from £39.00


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Discover our chalkboard range Established in 2016, The Chalkboard Company ™ offer an extensive

Visually outstanding

Chalkboards have become really popular in recent years due to their rustic style and versatility.

Hinged for quick foldaway storage

collection of wooden point of sale displays and chalkboards. Our wood is sourced from sustainable forests

and accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Discover our full chalkboard and hospitality range

ABC4 A Board Chalkboard, 36.5cm x 56.5cm and 56.5cm x 76.5cm sizes, dark oak frame /from £45.80


UKPOS.COM | 0161 516 8501 | SALES@UKPOS.COM


Versatile Wooden A Board with a poster holder and chalkboard facility

ABC5 Snap Frame Wooden A Board, A0 and A1 sizes /from £172.56

Attract passing trade and potential new customers by using a wooden pavement sign. This double-sided sandwich board is a great asset to any company as it includes an A1 or A0 snap frame on both sides so you can be as creative as you like with your advertising. Boost your brand recognition by customising the header space with your company name or logo.

Features header for additional messaging or optional branding

ABC6 Wooden A Board Poster Holder, A1 (approx.) size /from £192.37

ABC7 Chalkboard Wooden A Board with Poster Holder, A1 and A2 sizes /from £139.00


UKPOS.COM | 0161 516 8501 | SALES@UKPOS.COM



We make our pavement signs using high-quality components including clear plastic poster covers, a heavy-duty frame, tough springs and a strong snap frame mechanism. The WPG7 is our most popular model and is available in silver or black. Water base pavement signs

WPG7 Water Base Pavement Sign, A0 - A2, plus 30” x 40” sizes, black or silver frame /from £73.96

Snap frame allows quick poster changes

Heavy base can be filled with sand or water

Handle and wheels for easy transit (excludes A2 size)



Floor standing displays Our standalone display boards let you present posters, menus or promotions to your customers without using wall space. They’re very versatile and are available in a range of styles to suit every type of business.

Features header for optional branding

WPG6 Heavy Duty Pavement Sign, A0, A1 and 40” x 60” sizes /from £397.00

WPGW Weatherproof Pavement Sign, A1 size /from £194.54

MBA Freestanding Snap Frame, A3 and A4 sizes /from £28.10

SS5 Showcard Stand with Round Base /from £5.61



UKPOS.COM | 0161 516 8501 | SALES@UKPOS.COM


Print service We boast an extensive in-house printing service which allows you to order your completed POS display in one go. This service complements our snap frames, pavement signs, promotional stands, café barrier systems and roller banners, which can all be completed with the accompanying poster or banner. There are lots of useful templates and design guides available on our website to make sure your artwork is perfectly prepared.

Exceptional easels Adding an easel to your business is a great way to stand out from the competition with a unique and creative display. You can buy the display easel complete with your bespoke printed artwork.

EAS Freestanding Wooden Easel /from £47.00

DPS Adjustable Double Sided Poster Display /from £35.70

EASM Adjustable Metal Easel Display Stand /from £37.50

Discover our printing and branding service


UKPOS.COM | 0161 516 8501 | SALES@UKPOS.COM


Banners, flags and stands If you’re looking to spread the word about your business or service and want to make a big impact on a budget, then advertising flags and roller banner stands could offer the ideal solution.

ERB Economy Roller Banner Kit /from £15.72

RDD Steel Base Banner Holder /from £15.68

FG2 Feather Flag with Custom Branding, 1.92m - 3.41m heights /from £76.80

BWH Artificial Boxwood Hedge, 50cm - 100cm widths, 75cm - 125cm tall /from £147.00



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Cafe and queue barrier systems Optimising your space can play a crucial role in increasing sales. Use our barrier systems to cordon off areas and to advertise your brand to passersby.


PBB-SET Cafe Barrier System, 1.2m - 1.8m widths, black or chrome poles and bases /from £151.10

Create a professional outdoor seating area for your café, bar or restaurant, while also promoting your brand, using a Café Barrier System. These high-quality café barriers come complete with single or double-sided banners printed in your choice of colour or with your artwork. This silver or black Café Barrier System can be used in many industries for crowd control, queue management or to create sectioned seating.

Also available in black

Available with a chrome or black finish and a choice of belt colours

Choice of velvet or twisted rope in two colours

Add A4 snap frames

RTB Retractable Queue Barrier System /from £35.50

PRB1 Chrome Pole and Rope Barrier System /from £39.00




Sign and menu holders Our extensive range of table sign holders are the ideal way to showcase promotions and product information and they are available in a huge range of styles to suit any business.


Promote your business, prices and product specifications using this lean back sign holder. It couldn’t be easier to swap out your graphics - simply slide your inserts in and out from the side of the display in seconds for a quick changeover.

Discover our full range of sign, print and menu holders

Sturdy base

AS1 Freestanding Single Sided Acrylic Poster Holder, A3 - A8 sizes, landscape and portrait orientations /from £0.49

AD1 Double Sided Freestanding Acrylic Poster Holder, A3 - A7 sizes, clear acrylic finish /from £0.98


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Brand your product

Discover Supervue ™

You will benefit from: ✓ Express service ✓ Low minimum order quantities

✓ Unlimited expert advice ✓ Large product selection

Supervue ™ is a premium range of clear display solutions manufactured and supplied exclusively by UK POS that will provide you with the highest grade of clarity possible in a visual display.

Discover our printing and branding service

Increase your brand recognition by customising your point of sale displays with your company logo, slogan or any chosen message.

AD7 Magnetic Photo Block, A4 - A7, plus 9cm x 6cm sizes /from £3.54

AS11 Acrylic Menu Holder with Three Faces, A5 - A6 sizes /from £4.93


UKPOS.COM | 0161 516 8501 | SALES@UKPOS.COM


Chalk it up Tabletop chalkboards are ideal for displaying menus, offers and your latest news. Promote different offers on the same display board regularly by using counter-standing chalkboard signs. These signs work well in pubs, bars and restaurants to show food or drink promotions, but also work well in retail and can encourage last-minute impulse purchases at the till.

Eye-catching menu holders

On-trend displays

TTB Tabletop Chalkboard, A3 - A5 sizes /from £5.40

Clockwise: CBS1 Lean Back Chalkboard Sign /from £1.41 • WMBCO Wooden Menu Holder with Metal Clip /from £9.60 CWB Wooden Card Holder Base /from £3.97 • CPS Chalkboard Panels x 20 /from £7.59 • PGBRD Peg Letter Board /from £67.00


UKPOS.COM | 0161 516 8501 | SALES@UKPOS.COM


Leaflet holders and dispensers There is a literature display unit to suit every purpose. From freestanding and wall-mounted brochure holders, to slatwall leaflet dispensers; we stock them all.

Available in clear finish

CD3 Countertop Portrait Leaflet Holder, A4 - A6 sizes /from £1.08

Discover our entire leaflet dispenser range

WD1 Wall Mounted Portrait Leaflet Holder /from £1.23

CD5 Desk Business Card Holder /from £0.39

FD80 Collapsible Zig Zag Brochure Holder /from £79.00


UKPOS.COM | 0161 516 8501 | SALES@UKPOS.COM


Bespoke manufacturing Our bespoke service allows us to manufacture goods to your exact specification and can include artwork to promote your products or organisation. Our highly-skilled conceptual designers will work with you and your budget to create a comprehensive display solution to exceed your needs and expectations. We are constantly developing bespoke products on a global level, ensuring that our customers receive the best service and products available within the industry.

Merchandising displays Displaying your items professionally using strategic merchandising displays can help encourage shoppers to pick up products and create a simple and enjoyable browsing experience.

Optional chalkboard panels

CRT Wooden Display Crate /from £7.85

CDB Collapsible White Dump Bin /from £20.90

AQQ Five Sided Acrylic Display Cube /from £7.06

Find out more about our bespoke manufacturing capabilities


UKPOS.COM | 0161 516 8501 | SALES@UKPOS.COM


Gridwall displays Gridwall is a versatile and efficient system that helps save store wall and floor space, allowing you to hang products from rails or place them on configurable gridwall arms, rails and shelves. At UK POS, we stock gridwall panels, hooks, shelves and accessories, allowing you to completely customise your retail display to suit your business needs.

Discover our entire gridwall range

GRDSB Gridwall Basket Shelf /from £21.73

GRDS Gridwall Shelf, flat or inclined design /from £14.47

GRDH Gridwall Header /from £12.84


UKPOS.COM | 0161 516 8501 | SALES@UKPOS.COM


Slatwall panel systems Create configurable displays of shelves, hooks and other merchandising accessories using slatwall panels. They’re available in various colours and finishes to suit a wide range of decor styles.

Discover our entire slatwall range

WSP Slatwall Panels, 30cm or 120cm widths /from £10.83

WSPI Slatwall Inserts, 30cm or 120cm widths /from £0.32

RSS Slatwall Shelving with Brackets /from £21.31




Shelf edge displays

PB8 Hinged Shelf Talker, 4”, 6” or 8” widths /from £0.21

DBR Flat Shelf Data Strips, 1m - 1.32m length, and 3.9cm - 7.6cm height /from £0.67

Make your shelf edges stand out

Fits all shelving

PB4 Shelf Talker with Various Fixing Types /from £0.30

AFS3 Magnetic Banner Hanger /from £1.89

DS1 Adhesive Shelf Ticket Strip /from £1.31

PB6 Angled Shelf Talker with Adhesive /from £0.50

PB14 Universal Central Fitting Shelf Talker /from £0.24

PB12 Hook on Shelf Talker /from £0.91



UKPOS.COM | 0161 516 8501 | SALES@UKPOS.COM


Hang in there

KBL LED Window Display Cable Kit, A1 - A4 sizes, with 1 - 4 poster holders per kit /from £89.00

Make use of your window and wall space to display information and promotions using our cable and rod displays.

KB1 Ceiling to Floor Cable Poster Kit, A0 - A4 sizes, with 1 - 5 poster holders per kit /from £22.21

PSS1 Aluminium Poster Hanger, 42cm - 120cm widths, black or silver finish /from £3.50


UKPOS.COM | 0161 516 8501 | SALES@UKPOS.COM


Let’s get digital Digital advertising screens are vibrant and engaging, making them one of the most effective ways to communicate promotional information to passersby and potential customers.

Optional brake wheels

Create sophisticated, eye-catching promotional displays with a Digital Display Totem. It is a freestanding, single-sided digital advertising board which can support both image slideshows and videos - with or without sound - giving your messages a modern appearance and helping them stand out. Add braking wheels to the base of your unit to make it easier for you to move around your business when required.

Easy-access USB ports & built-in speakers

DDT Digital Display Totem, 43” and 55” screens Black or white finish, optional custom branding /from £1,350.16

DDV Touchscreen Digital Display Totem, 43” screen, black or white finish /from £1,939.49


UKPOS.COM | 0161 516 8501 | SALES@UKPOS.COM


68% of customers say that digital signage would make them more likely to buy advertised products

Discover our entire digital display range

One study found individuals were attracted to dynamic content


more than static content

60% of shoppers find interactive touchscreens useful

DDW Wall Mounted Digital Advertising Screen, 32” and 43” screens /from £690.00

DAB02 Digital A Board, 43” screen, black or white finish, add custom branding /from £1,051.91


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We boast a range of over 3,500 product lines and 25 million stocked items. From snap frames and leaflet holders, to pavement signs and menu holders; whatever your business requires, we deliver.

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PFG3 Silver Snap Frame pg 2

ABC5 Wooden A Boards pg 16 CD3 Leaflet Holders pg 34

by making your brand visually outstanding.

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AS1 Poster Holders pg 28

TTB Tabletop Chalkboards pg 32

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Unlock your true selling potential We are UK POS, from consultation to design, manufacture to supply, we deliver a seamless service on time, every time.

25 million stocked items

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