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Are you experiencing nagging pain? If so, EPAT can help. E x t ra c o r p o r e a l Pu l s e Activation Technology, also known as EPAT or shockwave therapy, uses a series of high-energy percussions that are applied to the affected area(s) of the body. By doing this, EPAT is able to decrease sensitivity in the affected area while simultaneously increasing blood flow. This helps with relieving pain and promoting healing. For more information on Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology and how it can benefit you, contact Next Level Physio today! (continued inside)


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• Concussion Prevention Programming • Return To Sport Screening • Cupping Therapy

• Corrective and Functional Programming • Manual Therapy • Running Technique Analysis and Corrections

EPAT – defined. A shockwave, by definition, uses “acoustic pulses,” meaning there is no electricity involved in the treatment. It is pneumatically generated and applied directly to the affected tissue(s). When a shockwave is administered, the body responds by increasing metabolic activity around the painful area. This alters the chemical environment in the local area, allowing for a re- absorption of irritative calcium deposits in the tendons. As a result, EPAT treatments work to relieve pain and stimulate the healing process. What does an EPATtreatment look like? With each treatment, approximately 2,000 shocks are administered per session. While this may sound like a lot, it typically only takes about 5 minutes to complete. Your total treatment time should only take approximately 20 minutes. Many patients find relief after only 3-6 short sessions, with each one spaced a week apart. Time between each treatment should not exceed 10 days, as they will start to become less effective the longer the patient waits.

EPAT treatments have been proven to provide relief for a large number of patients, each with varying degrees of pain severity. Some of the most common conditions it treats include: • Chronic heel spurs • Plantar fasciitis

• Tennis elbow • Jumper’s knee • Achilles tendinitis • Calcific shoulder tendinitis • Patellar tendinitis • Chronic low back pain • Chronic shoulder pain

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Will I Have Any Side Effects?

While EPAT treatments are not the most comfortable, the process is definitely tolerable. No patient should experience pain during treatments. It is likely that you will not notice any side effects during or directly after your treatment, but it is normal for irritation and swelling to occur in the affected area(s) 2-4 hours after the shockwaves have been administered. You may also experience a dull throbbing pain in that area, but it should all disappear within the next couple days following your treatment. If you are experiencing pain after treatments, it is important to make sure that you do not use ice or take any anti-inflammatory medication, as the shockwaves are meant to trigger the body’s natural inflammatory healing response. If you are experiencing discomfort, we can suggest an alternative pain relief method. Contact us today! Many patients prefer EPAT treatments because it is fast and effective. In many cases, it also eliminates the need for harmful drugs or surgical correction. Most patients report an immediate reduction of pain and improved mobility in the affected area(s) following treatments. It works by speeding up the body’s natural healing process, allowing for less recovery time and immediate relief. In fact, many patients notice a difference after just one session! If you are in pain and looking for relief, contact Next Level Physio today to inquire about our Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology treatments. One of our dedicated physical therapists will be happy to meet with you for a consultation and discuss how this course of treatment may benefit you!

Exercises of the Month Try these movements if you are experiencing aches & pains

QUAD SET While lying or sitting, tighten your top thigh muscle to press the back of your knee downward towards the ground.

PRONE HIP EXTENSION While lying face down with your knee straight, slowly raise up leg off the ground.

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