GENEDGE Annual Report 2020

Our Leadership Team

Why GENEDGE? GENEDGE is Virginia’s sole affiliate of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership™, a public-private partnership that empowers small and medium-sized manufacturers to innovate, improve their competitiveness, and grow. GENEDGE leverages federal and state funding to deliver curated expertise and resources to Virginia manufacturers, businesses, and other organizations. Our experts can help you solve today’s toughest problems – how to expand your facilities, increase productivity, keep your workforce safe and healthy, or pivot to new strategic market opportunities. We also help companies address industry standards such as ISO and Cybersecurity. No matter what the challenge, GENEDGE brings expert solutions to help Virginia companies grow and thrive.

Bill Donohue President & Executive Director

Anthony Cerilli Vice President of Operations

Joshua Dawson J.D., M.A., Chief Financial Officer & Business Manager

Scott L. Schein Director, National Network Programs Dean Young Vice President, Industrial Development

Our Values

Our value comes from improving yours...

GENEDGE seeks to apply its expertise and share our values in unique ways to develop long-term relationships with our clients and partners. GENEDGE associates will be guided by the following values: 1. Work with integrity (by being responsible, respectful, trustworthy, and with upstanding character) 2. Work collaboratively (by embracing differences, encouraging others, supporting teamwork, empowering others, and seeking strong two-way communications) 3. Always be learning and applying new knowledge (by being adaptable, flexible, open minded) 4. Be inclusive (by being self-aware in all interactions, mutually respectful with others, open and fair-minded, embracing differences) 5. Think creatively (focus on doing new things differently, apply new learning and approaches) 6. Positive Results (by doing what is right for the client)

For every invested in GENEDGE services, $ 25 returns to your bottom line.

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