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If you’re constantly facing lower back, hip and knee pain—you might be feeling arthritis. According to the Centers for Disease Control, roughly 54.4 million North American adults are diagnosed with some form of arthritis per year. As we age, our bones wear down. Are yours? If they are, don’t worry. It’s possible to alleviate the symptoms. It’s even possible to eliminate them entirely. If you have regular aches and pains, keep reading. We have a solution. Before knowing how to relieve arthritic pain, you’ll need to understand it. Arthritis—or the painful stiffness, or inflammation, of joints—isn’t a single disease. The term “arthritis” is an informal explanation of joint pain and disease in general. Over 100 types of arthritis exist, asserts the Arthritis Foundation. People of all ages, races and sex can get it. It’s also the leading cause of ongoing disability in America. What Causes Lower Back, Hip and Knee Arthritis? Because arthritis is a catch-all term, pinpointing what causes arthritis may be difficult. In most cases, arthritis is caused by injuries. These injuries degenerate bones, joints and cartilage, resulting in the pain. Arthritis can also be caused by: Your Next Step To Treat Arthritis Pain

Simply walking can cause arthritis in the lower back, hip and knee. Our legs wear down as they’re used. Sometimes, old age is simply the culprit as use wears away at our joints and bone tissue. This type of arthritis, called degenerative arthritis—or osteoarthritis—is the most common kind of arthritis. When the leg’s cartilage—or its slick, cushioned surface—is worn away, bone rubs against bone. This pain, stiffness and swelling requires professional osteoarthritis treatment. Arthritis & Physical Therapy Regardless of the cause of arthritis, physical therapy serves a purpose in most cases. Often, severe arthritis may require medication, hot and cold therapy or even surgery. While maintaining a healthy weight, exercise and a good diet help, medical intervention may eventually be needed. During physical therapy, the individual is trained to reach maximum mobility. They may also undergo exercises that reduce the pressure on arthritic spots. If a patient has undergone surgery, post-op physical therapy can help them reclaim their mobility—as well as their lifestyle. If you or a loved one suffers from arthritis, you still have options. Contact one of our therapists today, and ask about ongoing physical therapy treatment to restore mobility, comfort and quality of life. Sources php | back-arthritis.php | relieve-back-and-hip-arthritis-pain | types-arthritis-cause-sacroiliac-joint-pain

• Infections, such as Lyme disease

• An immune system dysfunction

• The inheritance of osteoarthritis

• An abnormal metabolism, which leads to gout

A R E Y O U L E T T I N G PA I N H O L D Y O U B A C K ? C A L L T O S C H E D U L E Y O U R A P P O I N T M E N T T O D AY !

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5 Ways To Help Your Arthritis Pain There are many things you can do to reduce your aches and pains from arthritis, without losing mobility and/or function. You may be experiencing pain from arthritis because of stiff joints, muscles and other tissues in your body. Your muscles can become weak, therefore not supporting the arthritic joints. Our physical therapy treatmentspromotemusclestrength, improverangeofmotion, increase mobility and ease pain. In addition, pairing your treatments with the followingcanalsohelpyougetyoubacktodoingthethingsyou lovetodo: 1. Continued Self-Treatment - Whenyourtreatment isover,ourexperts will have equipped you with the knowledge and exercises you need to continue your progress on your own. 2. Weight Management - Maintaining your recommended weight or losing weight if you are overweight can lessen your pain by reducing stress on your affected joints. Weight loss specifically helps ease pressure on weight-bearing joints such as the hips and knees.

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3. Shoes / Braces - If arthritis affects your knee, special footwear and braces can reduce pain and improve walking or even running. 4. Temperature - Many people find the heat of a warm bath, heat pack or paraffin bath eases arthritis pain. Others find relief in cold packs. Stillotherspreferalternating the two.Learnmoreaboutwhatcanwork best for you by talking to our physical therapy specialists. 5. Physical Activity - Exercise has been proven to help reduce arthritis pain while increasing strength and function. Knowing the right kind of exercises to do is the key. Talking with our physical therapists will point you in the right direction. Find out more about how we can help ease your arthritis pain by calling us today!

3 Simple Grocery Shopping Rules

Spend less hours in the grocery store by following these rules: 1. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store, where fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and fish are usually located. Avoid the center aisles where junk foods lurk. 2. Choose “real” foods, such as 100% fruit juice or 100% whole-grain items with as little processing and as few additives as possible. If you want more salt or sugar, add it yourself. 3. Plan ahead for success. Before you set out for the market, plan your meals for the week, and create a list to shop from. It takes a few minutes, but saves time in running back to the store for missing ingredients.

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I absolutely love this place! It’s a family owned business and they’re very attentive to clients needs. They have a great space which includes both physical therapy and personal training. I recently visited for physical therapy to get some help with my IT Band issues. Rashmi really helped me with my injury with acknowledging where my weaknesses were and giving exercises to strengthen and stretches to relieve tightness. Thanks to the Vert family and Rashmi I’m back to running again. I highly recommend this place. You will not be disappointed. - Nicole L 8 1 6 3 4 7 5 3 6 7 Ingredi nts

Roqu fort Pear Salad Healthy Recipe

Patient Success Spotlight

Print sudoku • 1 1/2 teaspoons mustard • 1 clove garlic, chopped • 1/2 teaspoon salt • 1/3 cup olive oil • 3 tablespoons vinegar • 1 1/2 teaspoons sugar

• 1 head leaf lettuce, torn • 3 pears • 5 ounces Roquefort cheese • 1 avocado • 1/2 cup sliced green onions • 1/4 cup white sugar • 1/2 cup pecans

3 “The BPT physical therapists are very knowledgeabl an experienced. I had a complete right hip replacement and was released for normal activity three months later. In the thre - month period, the BPT therapists utiliz d a success on of exercises to take me from walking with c utches and un ble to turn over in bed to biking 30 miles and hikin in winter conditions. Fantastic!” - Alan G. 4

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7 9 Want results like this? Call Breckenridge Physical Therapy at 970.485.3421 to schedule your appointment today!

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Exercise Essentials Helps Loosen Tight Knees

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Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises youareunsureofdoing.


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