Central Michigan Roofing September 2018

September 2018



FROM A SMALL SHOP TO A FLOURISHING BUSINESS How Central Michigan Roofing Has Grown and Taken Me With It

Published by The Newsletter Pro | www.NewsletterPro.com 1 – Emanuel Herschberger success I have in all areas of life. When I invest in me and apply the proper principles to changing negative habits, there are always positive things that begin to happen. I become a better father, which in turn helps me gain a better perspective on my business, which can help make me an all-around better person. When talking about the importance of investing in me, one of my goals is to teach my kids the basics of business and get them involved in activities that will teach life lessons. The more well-rounded they become, the more receptive they’ll be to helping someone else in life or even start their own business one day. I fully believe that the more time I spend with them, the more involved they will be, and that the stronger I build that bond, the easier it will be to have them more involved when they are older. You see, we only get out of it what we put in! All of these aspects create a very bright future for our company. As short-term goals come to fruition, long-term goals become more attainable. One of our biggest long- term goals is on the cusp of being fully developed. Stay tuned ... we’ll talk more on this later!

it’s also caused major improvements in our business.

Central Michigan Roofing started in 2013, and when I take the time and look back over the past few years, a lot of things have changed! Most people don’t know that our signature service of providing quick turnarounds and customized products wasn’t part of the original plan. We started off selling metal packages as a dealer, but we quickly realized that our mission of providing the best service and materials couldn’t be accomplished by limiting ourselves to just that service. Our business is obsessed with quality control, and we simply could not maintain the standards we have for our products by relying on other providers. That’s not to say that these products are flawed, but we knew our clients needed something more than another retailer. After realizing we were only as good as the next truck that delivered products to us, we quickly started our own roll forming. It’s made a lot more work for us, but

The growth I’ve seen in our business has had a direct result on who I am as a person. Five years ago, I was more focused on what was happening in the moment. I solved problems as they came and was very reactive in how I approached business. It didn’t take me long to understand that you can’t run a business that way. It helps to be proactive and always think ahead. What is going to happen three months from now that I need to be prepared for? What problems am I not forecasting accurately? How can I streamline processes to be better down the road? Working on my business organization has helped me drastically on a personal level too. I find I have less stress, more time, and better management of my own life. I’ve noticed that the more I work on personal development, the more

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