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Zen is all about getting in touch with our inner wisdom. It is also about looking within, while enjoying the moment and connecting with a refreshingly different paradigm of life. It is like looking from the other end of the telescope to bring about an inner transformation through insights. Leaders of today are caught up in the exigencies of the business reality and thus are struggling to stay connectedwith their true leadership capabilities and elements.This journey into theworld of leadership, seems to be lost like the quest for city of Atlantis. This two hour conversation on “Leadership Essence” is based on the body of knowledge assimilated over the years of real-time experience of coaching the high performing leaders all over the world.It is the research on how some made it to the top, while some lost out midway in the rat race of self-created obsessions. This conversation has been created to address realistic issues that leaders face in every organization. These insightful tête-à-tête are bound to trigger thoughts that will make every leader introspect and question their beliefs.The intent is to facilitate the“journey into inner transformation” of an individual for taking on to a path of“wisdom based leadership”.


ABOUT ATYAASAA Atyaasaa Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is resolute on meeting the needs of business challenges, through management consulting, strategy building, training, counselling and coaching. It is on a mission of 'Awakening Human and Business Excellence'. Its transformational processes facilitate unleashing of innate energies ensuing superior performance and productivity, both in individuals and organizations. Atyaasaa’s vision is to remain a leading and niche consulting, human resource training, and counselling organization

offering quality services through quality people. Atyaasaa is thus partnering with top brands at a national and international level in their mission of holistic growth.

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