909483_DBW 2020 Data Sheet

DBW 2020 / 300 Coolant Heater

Save Fuel, Reduce Emissions and Increase Productivity Designed to provide engine pre-heat and interior heat in one unit, the DBW 2020 / 300 can do it all with 80,000 and 104,000 BTU/h heat output. The DBW 2020 and DBW 300 draw in cold engine coolant, heat it and pumps it back to the vehicles engine and HVAC system. The result is a pre-heated engine and warm interior. In extreme climates, you can also use the DBW 2020 and DBW 300 with additional accessories to warm the fuel and keep it from gelling.

Coolant Heater Features: g Engine pre-heat for large engines g Provides interior cab heat g Eliminates cold starts g Fast Return on Investment g Heats hydraulic fluid with optional accessories


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