CCI-Review - 2020/2021 - #2

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to find better ways for CCI to enhance condominium living across Canada. The online platform wasn’t without challenges, but also presented new opportunities to connect, learn, and grow together during this pandemic and beyond.

Middlesex-London Health Unit website where you can not only find current data, but other information that will be very helpful to review before you go out and about; including steps to take if you come into contact with someone who has tested positive. Continue to take time to reach out to visit with your favourite family and friends with online meetings to manage and ease that feeling of isolation which will help keep depression at bay. Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. Taking care of your mental health is as essential as it is to keep physically fit.


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to frame our day-to-day lives. We continue to be very aware of the need to keep everyone safe. Many in our community are carefully monitoring and observing guidance from health units relative to the virus, especially when we hear of increased community spreading. Some of us are able to remain isolated as best we can. Those who service within our properties and units are proactive in their action of their safety initiatives to keep their employees and clients safe. We are grateful to them for their dedication to that end. It is up to all of us, individually and together, to do everything possible to secure our own safety and that of our community This virus is very fast-spreading and we are not at the end of it just yet. You can keep informed with local and area updates at the

As we advance to 2021 we are hopeful that we will see you in person or at the very least in our Zoom webinars. Be safe and be well until we meet again.

Stefan Nespoli. B.A.Sc, P. Eng. -President of CCI London & Area Chapter.

Chapter Communiqué - by Trish Kaplan, Administrator

This pandemic has caused us to search out ways to lift up our spirits from feelings that can encompass us in these unprecedented times. So many of us have reached into our inner selves to find that which will calm us during these times of worry and loneliness while we isolate to keep ourselves, our loved ones and our communities safe. Technology has allowed us avenues we can use to search for hope, joy, and even recollections of days gone by. We recognize that it may not be what it is, but still is a big help. Many of us are embracing new experiences and expertise in the online world. Music (the louder the better); travel across the world from our very own domain; and so much more. Perhaps best, is staying connected to loved ones by all the available meeting options. It is a heavy load we all carry for several months still and it is important that we tend to our health and well-being every day through it all, physically and mentally. Going forward we will be making decisions on what will be in our future, what will be the norm. Let us hope that a hug or two will be included. Do look after yourself so you can be on the receiving end of one of those hugs in the future. Every day we hear of angels among us, people who share their strength and kindness in the community-at-large. This virus affects everyone in some way although not equally and often not visible. Thanks to all who reach out to ask for help and/or by sharing where help is needed. Both giving and receiving can be inspirational and comforting. There are many uplifting messages shared too. This is just one that might inspire us all (from Inspire Uplift) to get back into the groove even if we are tired of it. The virus is not tired and continues to embrace us.

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