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Are Condominium Corporations Eligible for the Home Efficiency Rebate? - by Dave Chatterton

upkeep and maintenance start to diminish. In other words, a well insulated and air sealed unit will be less likely to experience problems from issues such as ice damming, premature roof deterioration, and / or mould growth. Overall, making qualified upgrades through the Home Efficiency Rebate program can significantly help lower ongoing maintenance costs. Depending on the upgrades that are targeted, it can also provide several benefits to both the unit owner and the corporation.

Absolutely! In fact, each unit of a low rise townhouse style condominium is able to net up to $5,000 of rebates for the corporation. The Home Efficiency Rebate program exists to help lower the costs associated with energy efficiency upgrades. As of September 21, 2020, it has changed to increase incentive amounts - making it possible to become cash positive for some upgrades. In addition to higher rebate amounts, the program has added a new bonus rebate that can be easily attained in some scenarios. For each unit within a low rise townhouse style condo, every rebate can be directed back to the corporation. This includes rebates for upgrades that help mitigate future costs, such as better mould prevention and a reduction in ice damming problems.

Dave Chatterton, Business Development Manager for Great Northern Insulation, discusses recent changes in the Home Efficiency Rebate program and how those changes can benefit

These benefits include:

Money back to the corporation for making effective upgrades per unit

Reduced energy consumption

Improved soundproofing and home comfort Improved value and desirability for units in condominium

Condominium Corporations.

Cash Positive Rebates

Proper planning and execution of condominium upgrades can create a cash positive scenario for the corporation. Since some units may already be near the eligibility threshold for certain rebates, it is possible to target specific upgrades and net the corporation a substantial return for a low upfront cost. An energy audit from a registered energy advisor will highlight which upgrades would be the best to target first and is a necessary part of the qualification process. Fortunately, a rebate is included as a part of the program to help cover the cost of the audit itself. This further lends to a scenario where the rebates can create a larger return than the total cost of the upgrades.

Reduction in ice damming problems

Reduced risk of mould

Longer lasting roof

Strategically Targeting the Best Upgrade for Each Unit Each unit within a low rise style townhouse condo might need to be upgraded differently to see the greatest results. One unit might need better air sealing, whereas the next might benefit from some improved insulation in key areas. An energy audit provides the information needed to make the most optimal upgrades for each unit. It is also a crucial part of determining which upgrades could create a cash positive scenario for the corporation. The registered energy advisor who conducts the audit can provide insight as to which upgrades will help prevent future costs - such as targeting upgrades to reduce ice damming or prevent mould growth. Since it is a part of the qualification process, a rebate is included in the program

Each Unit is Eligible

Home Efficiency Rebates are available for each and every unit within a low rise townhouse style condominium and all can be directed back to the corporation. The corporation can take advantage of this to make cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades, or as mentioned above, make the upgrades that create a cash positive scenario. As each unit is upgraded for energy efficiency, the associated costs of

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