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… Home Efficiency Rebate

to help cover the cost of an assessment. Energy audits should not be overlooked as they are an invaluable tool for finding the most cost effective upgrades that could be made to each unit. Once the registered energy advisor has made their assessments, a plan for making upgrades can be made easily and any cash positive scenarios are made obvious.

existing windows and does not replace them. This means that they cost significantly less than an entire window replacement with a similar level of energy performance, and can be easily removed due to a magnetic attachment system. As an alternative to an entire window replacement, an acrylic window insulation cover is a cost-effective option that provides substantial energy performance and soundproofing while still allowing for full window access.

An Alternative to Window Replacements

Working from home has become more commonplace due to Covid-19. Phone calls need privacy and background noises need to be kept at bay. This has created a higher need for soundproofing in home offices. Sound resistant insulation is often seen as the star of the show in terms of home office soundproofing, but acrylic window insulation covers are also very effective. They reduce unwanted noise by providing a working sound barrier and can be retrofitted instead of requiring a whole new window install. For example, the acrylic window insulation covers from Magnetite are able to reduce sound transmission by up to 70% and can be installed directly over existing windows. They are also extremely good insulators and greatly improve energy performance. Since an acrylic window insulation cover is just that - a cover - it is simply retrofitted overtop

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For more information and to learn how you could benefit from energy efficiency upgrades, contact Dave at or give him a call at 289-314-5701.

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