"$56"-*5 4r/&84 MORE GROWTH FOR TOWNSHIP: ANTONI VIAU to remain active.


ƩŭǏƳLjLjƔ $EVENEZ DACCUEIL For Viau, one of the highlights of his past term on counci was seeing all the new grwoth in his home village, including residential development and also a revival of commer- cial interest in the Wendover Plaza project at the intersection of County Roads19 and 17. He wants to stay on council and conti- nue pushing for projects like upgrading the sewage service system for the Village of Plantagenet, which will help that village attract and support more commercial development. He also wants to be involved, with admi- nistration, in the careful management of the municipality’s finances so that Alfred- Plantagenet Township can achieve its goals for supporting growth without having to increase taxes for existing homeowners and businessowners. «I would like to see the municipality run like a prosperous business,» he said. Viau also wants the next township council to look at ways to increase riverside access for residents to the Ottawa River for recrea- tional use. He also wants the township to develop a comprehensive and practical environmental protection policy. «Because everybody’s got to do their share,» he said, regarding environmental awareness.

Antoni Viau wants to see more econo- mic growth and development for Ward 2 in Alfred-Plantagenet Township. «I want to promote more development,» said Viau, during a phone interview October 14.»I think it’s time we saw some more busi- nesses establish themselves in Wendover and Plantagenet.» Viau seeks reelection as one of the two council members for Ward 2, which includes the villages of Wendover, Plantagenet, Curran and part of Pendleton. He wants to put the experience he’s acquired as a first-time councillor during the past four years to use in pressing for action during the next four years on policies and programs that will help encourage and support more economic development in the township overall and Ward 2 in particular. Before his first term on council as one Ward 2’s representatives, Viau spent «many years» as a volunteer firefighter for the township, in between running his busi- ness, the Wendover Service Station, until he decided to retire as a businessowner and sold his operation to one of his employees. He continues to work at the village garage and service station though because he likes


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