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Covid -19 has made some drastic changes in our lifestyle. For many of us - being stuck in our home has forced us to become more sedentary. Gyms are closed as well as the local malls. These were great places for many of us to get out and exercise or take long walks. Instead, many of us have been logging a record amount of time on the couch (guilty as charged). These changes have a significant effect on our muscles and joints. Right now we aren’t exercising as much, so our body is weakening. Muscles and joints need to be stressed to stay strong. So does our heart. That’s why it’s so important we try to continue to exercise. If you’re comfortable and its nice out, go walk around the block. If not, walk your hallways or climb a few flights of stairs. Keep your body moving regularly, every day.

The other issue that is, and will be, coming up in the near future is an increase in injuries - as people start returning to their activities they haven’t done since the virus started. When the gyms open up and social distancing gets relaxed people are going to resume all of their activities. The problem is that your body hasn’t been that active in months so diving right back into your routine will increase the likelihood of a muscle or joint strain. The take home message concerning your muscle and joint health is to try to stay as active as you can while you are at home, and then ease your way back into your full activity routine once you feel comfortable doing so. This will help keep you healthy and minimize any muscle or joint pain. If you do happen to have something start bothering you, whether from sitting too much or from increasing your activity too fast, just give us a call and we’ll take care of that for you 516.681.8070.

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