Advantage Rehab: Herniated Discs

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Physical Therapy Is The Leading Role! Ah, the herniated disc again. Only about 2 months ago I had a run in with my old friend. A bad one this time. I couldn’t put any weight through my legs first thing in the morning. I spent most of my day hunched forward and day-to-day tasks seemed impossible. This time it was a longer recovery for me. What usually took a couple weeks had now put me out for five. Five very long weeks. Some days were better than others but one simple wrong move made it angry again. Why do I tell you this? Because I am now walking and functioning again as if it had never happened. I used the tools and techniques I’d been trained on to fight through it...again. As frustrating as it is, it can be done...without the use of drugs or surgery. That being said, we understand here at ARI when it’s time to seek outside help from other practitioners to help with your situation when needed and will always help you through that process. Our bodies have the incredible ability to heal if we give it time and do what we know will give us relief along the way. Physical therapy was the leading role in this. Call and ask me how! ASHLEY KUHNAU, PTA

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