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Consider Animal Safety when Bringing Pets to the Shelter

By: Orange County Communications Department

The Orange County Animal Shelter is responsible for providing humane care to its entrusted animals, consistent with appropriate regulations and policies. The shelter provides a safe environment for dogs, cats, and other animals (as necessary), which are brought in as strays, seized by law enforcement, or surrendered by their owners. Once under our care, our employees and volunteers work diligently to find forever homes and foster families to improve the quality of life for the animals (and their adopters!). In keeping with the Shelter ’ s goal of promoting the safety and wellbeing of animals, staff would like encourage residents intending to bring an animal to the Shelter to please do so during operating hours. Taking this precaution ensures that a staff member or volunteer will be able to properly intake the

animal and provide for its immediate needs, which may include nutrition and veterinary care. In the past, well - meaning residents have occasionally left recovered stray animals outside the shelter while it was closed. Cats and dogs left alone in this manner face an increased risk of becoming lost again. Worse, they could be in danger of potentially deadly encounters with wild animals, particularly if young, elderly, injured, or ill. In the event of an animal emergency, like an encounter with an aggressive animal, or an after - hours injured stray recovery, please contact Orange County Animal Control at (540) 672 - 1200.

We understand that sometimes residents may be faced with the difficult reality of no longer being able to care for their pet. Please be aware that all surrenders REQUIRE an appointment, which can be made by calling the Shelter at (540) 672 - 1124. Scheduling a surrender allows us to check shelter space and properly prepare for the animal ’ s care. It also allows the current owner to fully consider their decision. Though all attempts are made to operate a humane and safe shelter, the experience can still be stressful for a pet, so please weigh all options before coming to a decision. If money is an obstacle to keeping a pet, the Shelter can help provide contacts for pet food banks, vaccination clinics, and spay - neuter resources. In

addition to an appointment, all surrenders require a Surrender Pet Form and veterinary records. Those surrendering must bring a photo ID to verify Orange County residency. Animals adopted from another shelter or agency should be surrendered to that organization. There are many opportunities to support the Orange County Animal Shelter. Foster families allow us to accommodate more animals, prepare pets unaccustomed to a home environment, and provide alternate options for animals especially stressed at the Shelter. Volunteering at the Shelter is a very flexible way to give back to the community, and spend time with plenty of adorable dogs and cats! Monetary donations are always appreciated, and used to help cover expenses like pet food, veterinary care, and whatever else an animal might need. Visit the Animal Shelter webpage for more information, or to donate.

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