Orange County Insight September 2022

Orange County Launches Website Redesign

By: Orange County Communications Department

In keeping with our recent efforts and successes in the digital realm, Orange County launched the new design for our governmental website,, on Wednesday, August 31, 2022. This revised design exemplifies our priority to provide clear and timely information to our residents, as well as the vibrancy and momentum of our organization In terms of navigation, the updated website is designed such that departments are now collected in common - sense categories, which helps reduce unnecessary searching. Additional headings help collect topics arranged by services and resources, in and for the community. When it is necessary to search, the search bar has been relocated to sit front and center on the home page. It remains clearly visible even when browsing interior pages. Persistent social media links on the left hand side of the homepage allow users to quickly navigate to official channels. Large buttons are arranged just below the search bar, highlighting pages that are frequently - visited for simpler discovery by new users. Scrolling down slightly, a user will next encounter a subscription bar, which allows easy access to register for notifications such as emergency alerts, press releases, and even the Orange County Insight newsletter! With a goal of providing timely and accurate information in a readily - available location, a slideshow function allows staff to highlight particularly important items with a large, scrolling, graphic display. News items and press releases are listed to the right of this highlight slideshow, providing much more information than the previous design allowed. Continuing to scroll, a calendar function helps keep residents informed of upcoming County functions, such as Board of Supervisors ’ Meetings.

Indeed, Board portraits feature prominently near the contact section at the close of the home page, which helps residents become better acquainted with their elected officials. Design elements reflect Orange County ’ s updated styling, which is modern and clean while remaining true to our heritage. Consistent implementation of style guide colors throughout help reinforce the identity of Orange County and the unity of our team members. This website will serve as a foundational information resource and a platform from which to grow as we continue to expand our digital capabilities. Built - in adaptability allows us to adjust the website to accommodate new technology, with the aim of continuing to provide high quality services to our residents.

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