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July/August 2017

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Summer Camp Is in Full Swing! You won’t find any crowded cabins or bossy camp counselors here, but the Claremont Inn & Winery Summer Camp GetAway is still able to capture the feel of summer camp — for adults only! Summer Camp has been a great success so far, and it’s only the start of the season. We have so many more wonderful activities planned for the next few months. Come out and see them for yourself! A Garden of Wonder The most popular feature of grown-up Summer Camp is our magnificent Straw Bale Garden. We put a great deal of work into this garden, and it has proven to be quite fruitful, and vegetable -ful, too! Hundreds of plants grow among the straw, with new surprises blooming every day. It is a testament to this unique style of gardening. It’s cool to show the hard work that goes into growing some of the food Chef Dave prepares in our kitchen. We’re excited for our homegrown cooking classes on August 12 and 19, where “campers” will learn delicious recipes using fresh produce grown in the Straw Bale Garden. It’s All Fun and Games Our Straw Bale Garden is more than just a place to grow food. It’s also the perfect location for some of the best parts of the summer camp experience. Come be a kid again with some classic garden games like croquet, bocce ball, and cornhole. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, we offer special picnic dinners to be enjoyed outside in the garden

beneath the stars. And on Friday nights, the fun turns up to 11! Our Friday Garden Parties are all about games, music, handcrafted wine, burgers hot off the grill, and making memories! The Best Camp Souvenir As a kid, after the great adventures at summer camp, many of us young campers wished we could take a piece of summer camp home with us. The best we could do was slip a rock from the lake into our pocket before boarding the bus. The Claremont Inn & Winery Summer Camp GetAway offers a much better souvenir: Bring home your own straw bale garden with our “How to Grow a Straw Bale Garden” classes. On certain Saturdays, we host tours of the garden, where we tell our story and give advice on tending and building your own straw bale garden. Camp’s Not Over Yet We all love the summer sun, but the best weather arrives at the Claremont Inn &

Winery in September. To take advantage of the lovely season, we’re extending our Summer Camp into the month of September. It’s the best time to plan your two-day GetAway once the kids are back in school. Enjoy a picnic dinner in the garden on the first night, fine dining in the Great Hall on the second night, and fill your days with plenty of fun and games. Play in the garden, stroll around the pristine grounds, sharpen your mind in the Escape Room Challenge, or master your culinary skills with a cooking class. This is your opportunity to Relax, Refresh, and Reconnect! Cherished summer memories don’t have to disappear when we grow up. Create your new favorite summer memories this year at the Claremont Inn & Winery Summer Camp GetAway! Dave Harry &

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