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state agencies, and reviews legislation relating to criminal law for constitutionality and legal sufficiency. • The Criminal Investigations Division investigates and prosecutes a broad range of criminal activity occurring against and within state government, including cases involving theft, fraudulent misappropriation by a fiduciary, misconduct in office, bribery, perjury, falsifications of public records, and criminal violations of the Maryland tax laws. • In addition, the Division investigates and prosecutes white collar crime, health care fraud, gun trafficking, insurance fraud, and multi-jurisdictional crimes. • The Educational Affairs Division is the legal advisor to all state educational institutions, boards and commissions. • The Securities Division protects Maryland investors from investment fraud and misrepresentation. Other specialized units of the Office include: • The Environmental Crimes Unit comprised of criminal prosecutors from the Attorney General's Office and investigators from the Maryland State Police, which investigates and prosecutes environmental crimes. • Health Decisions Policy develops resources for individuals and health care professionals concerning Maryland's Health Care Decisions Act and related law. • The Juvenile Justice Monitoring Unit investigates the needs of children under the jurisdiction of the Department of Juvenile Services and determines whether their needs are being met in compliance with state law. This includes evaluating conditions of facilities housing youth, reporting on treatment of and services to youth, and investigating allegations of child abuse. • The Medicaid Fraud Control Unit program investigates and prosecutes provider fraud in statewide Medicaid programs. • Opinions and Advice gives legal opinions as to the construction or interpretation of the law as it affects various agencies of the state and gives legal opinions to local subdivisions on questions involving substantial statewide interest. • The People's Insurance Counsel Division reviews homeowner’s insurance matters and medical professional liability insurance matters pending before the Maryland Insurance Commissioner to determine the impact on consumers. The People's Insurance Counsel may intervene on behalf of consumers before the Commissioner and in court. The Office also is the legal adviser to virtually every agency in each of the three branches of state government and can be reached at


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