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We Need to Allow Ourselves Time to Recover Why do we refuse to give ourselves time to heal? work when we are not emotionally up for the task, our work can suffer and extend the amount of time it takes to heal. HEALING TOO FAST?

I’m not talking about physical injuries or ailments. Sure, we all have that friend who will try to go to work even when they are sick with the flu, but most of the time, when we suffer from something that can be seen or measured, we’re willing to take it easy until our bodies recover. So why do we fail to give ourselves that luxury when our pain is invisible? In the last year, I’ve been guilty of pushing myself too hard to heal faster. Losing my dad and my dog hit me harder than I realized. I made myself go back to work, but I was still in that shadow of grief and all the negative emotions began to spill over into my life. When I finally forgave myself for my mistakes and took a step back, I discovered what real recovery feels like. Work is important. Our jobs empower us to support ourselves and our families,

Both physical and emotional recovery rely heavily on our state of mind. In 2005, Archives of General Psychiatry published a study that found couples who were loving toward one another recovered from injuries faster than couples who were hostile. This matches the research conducted by Janice Kiecolt- Glaser, Ph.D., a professor of psychiatry at Ohio State University College of Medicine. Dr. Kiecolt-Glaser determined that the stress hormone cortisol slowed the healing process by 60 percent in couples who did not get along. As you might expect, dealing with stress also slows your ability to heal from emotional wounds, like the loss of a loved one. I recently read an article from the integrative health care organization HaLé that really stuck with me: “There is true wisdom in saying, ‘I need support.’ Emotional energy is a factor in our health and our

“In the last year, I’ve been guilty of pushing myself too hard

Shady says hello.

Guthrie is getting so big!

to heal faster.”

healing process and feeling safe to release emotional energy can help in so many ways. Having someone just be present and supportive by your side can be exactly what you need.”

provide much-needed services to others and help grow the economy. And for many people, their work is intertwined with their identity. I know mine is. But if we force ourselves to

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