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December 2019

A Christmas Reflection A View of the Holiday Through the Years

I remember when my son, Gregory, was about 6 and Christmas was near. He hardly slept a wink the night before, as he was far too amped up in anticipation of Santa’s arrival. He sat at the top of the stairs, waiting for a glimpse of jolly old Saint Nick. In the short moments when we could get him to go back to sleep, Santa would visit. In the wee hours of the morning, Gregory wanted us all to wake up to go see what Santa brought. He was so genuinely excited for Christmas that it was hard not to find his enthusiasm contagious, even if we were still half asleep. One year, Santa brought an air hockey table for the kids. Of course, his elves didn’t anticipate the task involved in setting up the table. It was Christmas Eve, and we were in the midst of an ice storm. Somehow, my wife and I carried this 200-pound table from the garage, where we’d been storing it, to the driveway (which was pure ice) to set it up. We were sliding around trying to get our footing. Around 1 a.m., we contemplated explaining to the kids that Santa’s elves were running behind and didn’t have time to put the table together. Somehow, though, we got it done. These elves were up until 3 a.m. putting together that table, and the kids were thrilled to see it the next morning. They loved it. On Christmas Eve, we went to the church service, and somehow, we got into the tradition of ordering Chinese food

afterward — maybe because it was really easy and tasty. Before bedtime, we took a drive around the neighborhood to see the houses decked out in Christmas lights.

As the kids got a little older, we started a holiday tradition of going as a family to deliver for Meals on Wheels. We’d get up first thing Christmas morning to take the meals, and Danielle and Gregory enjoyed it. I remember having a conversation with them — they were probably in their early teens — about how they didn’t expect that people so close to us had a need. They’d never thought about how our neighbors just down the street might not have the means to get a Christmas meal. Beyond that, I think they saw the joy our visits brought to people who didn’t have any family or friends stopping by. It taught them that a simple visit or even a hello can make a difference. These days, the Christmas season means the kids return home and we get to spend time together as a family. I’m looking forward to continuing many of our traditions and to making some new ones, as well.

As the year winds down, it feels like a fitting time for reflection. I encourage you to spend a few moments thinking about this Christmas and the wonderful memories of the past.

Merry Christmas,

-Dr. Nagy

P.S. If you have any insurance benefits left, make sure to use them before they run out at the end of the year!


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