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In 2011, I received a mysterious message that would change my life. I was lying in bed one night when I saw a notification from Yahoo Messenger. Normally I would just delete these messages, but it said, “Here’s my information if you want to chat.” I was intrigued because I had recently tried online dating, and while I didn’t recognize the person who was messaging me, I sat on that message for the next three days, wondering how to respond. I finally did, and after three conversations, I knew the person on the other end of the screen was real. We decided to meet, and that’s when I first laid eyes on my wife, Theresa. To this day, we like to say we met almost by accident. Neither one of us was big into online dating. I was only trying it out to see what it was like, and Theresa’s sister was actually the one who pushed her into giving it a shot. It’s a little ironic, then, that it’s how we both met the person we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with. I was actually more excited than nervous when we finally met. She had this big smile on her face, and while there was some apprehension about what we were doing, we had a great time. And she laughed at all my jokes! I’ve never thought of myself as a funny person, but she seemed to think what I was saying was funny. It was such a little thing that went a long way for me.

We had plenty of laughs together as we were dating and getting to know each other. I remember one day when I was driving home, I let her know that I was going to watch the Mariners at 6:30 p.m. I wanted her to know that I likely wasn’t going to answer during that time. Unsure of what sport I was talking about, Theresa simply said, “Just call me at halftime.” I chuckled to myself and said, “Okay, I’ll call you at halftime.” The next morning, she contacted me a little upset, wondering why I never called. That’s when I explained to her that baseball does not have any halftime. We got a good laugh out of this situation! A year after we met, Theresa and I married on March 31, 2012. Today, we’re raising three kids ranging from a toddler to a teenager, and we still complement each other as much as we did when we first met. I believe one of our biggest strengths as a couple is knowing when the other person needs a little break from parenting or responsibilities. We’ve grown together as partners, and it’s been amazing to watch these little humans we’ve been raising grow up. There’s a lot to appreciate about Theresa. She’s business-minded, driven, and intelligent. I call her a renaissance woman because her ability to learn almost anything is uncanny. She even learned how to cut hair just by watching stylists in her

childhood hairdresser’s studio. This talent comes in handy, as Theresa is trusted with all our family’s haircuts. Likewise, she’s an amazing cook who doesn’t even need a recipe to make a wonderful meal. Every day, Theresa continues to amaze me, whether it’s with how she parents or the tasks she completes for Kaizen Physical Therapy. I’m just grateful she had the guts to message me that one night and that I listened to whatever intuition was telling me to respond. Happy Valentine’s Day, Theresa!

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