Hip, Knee & Leg EBook - US

Step 5: Lasting Results With Balance

Our goal is to not only quickly relieve your pain, but tomake sure your hips and knees stay healthy for the long run. One of themost important features of healthy joints is the ability to balance and coordinate themuscles. This provides for long-term joint health and the capability to handle strenuous motions. Your lower extremity movement is complex with many muscles that have to move at the right time and right place. As we age and after injury our normal nerve feedback from the ankles and knees is especially affected. This will effect the way you walk, and result in abnormal strain to your joints. Mostpeoplearenot awareof theirdifficultywithbalanceuntil theychallenge it. For example, can you stand on one leg comfortably without swaying or having to compensate much with your arms? The good news is that, with the right exercises and treatment, coordination and balance can be vastly improved. This leads to the ability to be more active, reduce the risk of injury and prevent arthritic wear and tear.

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