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Why Does My Knee Or Hip Hurt?

Pain is a symptom of the underlying mechanical problem. The vast majority of kneeor hippain is causedby poormechanicalmovement. This occurs from poor posture, alignment, flexibility, balance, coordination, or weakness of the leg muscles. Many people turn to over-the-counter medications, see their doctor for prescription medications, and even have expensive MRI’s, without achieving any long-lasting results. The reason for this is that most of the focus is on the symptom, instead of treating the root cause. As physical therapists, we get results, because we are the mechanics of the body, treating the root mechanical problems of knee or hip pain. In this book, we are going to teach you what we do to alleviate joint pain, so you can improve the health of your knee and hips, and return to the activities you enjoy. According to leading researchers, the number of total knee and hip replacement surgeries is going to sky rocket to over 4 million by 2030 (1) . However, if you try physical therapy first, you probably won’t have to be one of them. If you are careful about bending, walking or kneeling, because your knee or hip hurts, then this book is for you!

Knee or hip pain is a mechanical problem, therefore it must be treated as such. Here are the main categories that most knee and hip problems fall under: • Poor walking quality • Lack of flexibility • Poor joint stability • Inadequate leg or core muscle strength • Lack of coordination and balance • Injuries

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