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THE POWER OF ‘PLEASE’ AND ‘THANK YOU’ How Dan Rinella Overcame a Turbulent Workplace


You learn a lot from working with people. I’ve learned that it’s especially difficult to have a good medical practice without having good people. I’m sure many of the health care providers reading this would agree this is true, especially in our field. After earning my masters in prosthetics and orthotics, there was an experience that once caused me to quit my field altogether.

worked a lot of nights, and you can guess how that might interrupt typical dating hours, right?

“What are you doing?” she asked. After all, I had earned a great education and people often told me that I had a talent for helping people in great pain. Many of my patients suffered through a lot of pain, and I was not put off by that. My wife believed in my goals to help people and really fostered my desire to get back into the prosthetic and orthotic field again.

At one workplace, I had a horrible boss. My

supervisor would ask me to do an extremely complicated task in only 15 minutes then blame

After some time and a better working atmosphere, I decided to start my own business and become my own boss. Working for myself was a huge game changer. I felt a fresh passion for and dedication to my job. I love

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me for not completing it. My boss didn’t mind

gaslighting me or making me feel at fault in our toxic workplace. My work required a lot of case planning, taking measurements, and administering care. An ill-fitting brace can really injure patients. But the management at this job felt it

coming to work every day, and it truly feels like I’m helping people. This experience has given me the conviction that treating employees right,

—Daniel Rinella I hope this simple tip for showing your appreciation to your staff helped! Until next month... Have a great April, friends! treating your staff well and recognizing them for the work they do. Sometimes you’re just not having a good day, even if you’re doing your job well, and hearing “thank you” from your boss or coworker can make all the difference. especially in the medical field, is so important. There are many things you can do to make your employees feel like they belong. And they will, in turn, make patients feel like they belong. For example, I strongly believe in the power of saying please and thank you. My team hears it from me 10 times a day. I can’t overstate the importance of

was more important for providers to see a lot of patients, rather than pay attention to the quality of their treatment.

I started to wonder, Is it like this everywhere? It was crushing for me. I couldn’t stand not being allowed to give every patient the attention and care they deserved because of a corporate system’s demands. So I left the field and went back to waiting tables at the United Center in Chicago where I’d worked before getting into prosthetics and orthotics.

Then, I met my wife.

I re-met her actually. She was in my eighth grade class, and we had always been friends. But when I saw her again at our reunion, I found myself interrupting all the other men who were hitting on her and said, “You’re amazing. Let’s go out.” She somehow said no, which I knew had to be a mistake (at least, I hoped it was). That was the first time we had seen each other in years, and I think I might have caught her off guard actually. Anyhow, we were nevertheless inseparable after that, but there was a problem. I

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