Board Converting News, September 21, 2020

Getting The Job Done (CONT’D FROM PAGE 22)

The results have been impressive. Last year the company had double digit growth and is on track this year for similar results. The team has admirable goals. “Dick and I have a synergy especially in our thought process and our love and desire for this company,” Tousley says. “We should be the only supplier in our region for folding cartons. That’s what we want to become.” Technology has provided the cornerstone for growth, facilitating Shelby’s ability to communicate with customers and meet their needs, especially with the recent challeng- es created by COVID-19. Software management systems, video conferencing and even the telephone have been essential tools. “The lack of a physical visit can be filled with a telephone conversation, continuing to know what they need, what they’re doing,” he says. “Right now we’re

trying to make plans to start seeing our customers again. That is part of our philosophy. We have to get in front of the customers and see what they’re packaging, how they’re packaging it and what tools or resources they’re using so we can offer them the most common sense solution.” For now the message to customers is, “We’re here, we’re open. Within the first day of the Governor ordering all businesses closed, Jeff, Donyah and I, contacted all of our customers and all of our suppliers. It was a full court press,” he says. “We made sure that we’re going to sustain our business with the thought that we have to keep our customers in business.” Continuous Improvement To drive growth and continuous improvement The Shelby Company is leveraging other aspects of technol- ogy, such as implementing IIOT with the assistance of The Shelby Company is using software technology to drive continuous improvements in all departments.



September 21, 2020

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