Abbey Logistics Magazine Spring Edition 2021

Not many careers enable you to wake up in one country and end your day in another. Or clock up over 5.5k miles in a month! HGV DRIVING: HOW FAR DO SOME OF ABBEY’S DRIVERS TRAVEL?

T hanks to Terry Jenner, who sent us some of his pictures for Abbey’s latest photo competition, which show the variety of places he travels to and the huge distances he covers. Terry works in our Liquids division and is based in London. He supports our customers throughout the UK and Northern Europe and his average week sees him visit sites in the UK, Holland, France and Belgium. To put this into

numbers, Terry’s been to four countries, and 53 cities in the last month alone! To give this total and many of our other drivers’ monthly mileage some context, if you were to travel Terry’s average monthly mileage from London as the crow flies, you’d reach Hong Kong, New Delhi, South Africa or even Bangladesh, to name a few!

to see so many different places. Admittedly it’s not sightseeing, and our drivers have an important job to do for our customers, but we often hear that the travel element is a big benefit of HGV driving as a career. For some people, a desk-based job just doesn’t appeal. An HGV driver enjoys the freedom of the open road, which can be an attractive alternative to a traditional 9-to-5 job. When speaking to our team about

One of the great things about a driving career is the freedom


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