Abbey Logistics Magazine Spring Edition 2021


Here we take a brief look at some of the key moments for Abbey from the past 30 years. 1990

new site gave us more room to park, larger offices, a two-bay food tank cleaning station and vehicle workshops. 1993

The Lucy family (predominantly, brothers Steve, Charlie and Mark) purchased a tanker business employing around 30 people. Our first depot was in Abbey Close,

Thanks to a new contract in Hull, Abbey opened a third depot at Littlefair Road, Hull, next to the port and giving Abbey an important foothold in the region to build from. 2000 A major company reorganisation resulted in the retirement of Charles Lucy Snr and a buyout of brother Charlie and sister Joanne by Steve and Mark Lucy, who became 50/50 shareholders of Abbey with Steve becoming Managing Director and Mark, Operations Director. We closed our Birkenhead depot and moved all operations to Bootle. A new era was upon us as we moved into the 2000s. 2002

The company rebranded and changed its traditional colours to offer a modern image (at the time!) with our now familiar green and white colours. 1994

Birkenhead, hence our original company name

Abbey Road Tanks, and not after the Beatles album as most people assume! The depot had a small yard, office, VMU and a tank wash station. 1991

In response to concerns in the food industry about animal rights protestors contaminating food tanks, Abbey designed the ‘ART2000 Tanker’, which introduced an enclosed back cabinet with a central locking system for the lids. This revolutionised food safety in the liquid transport market and in 1995 was awarded Commercial Motor Trailer of the Year. It was the first of many innovative solutions Abbey would bring to the sector over the years and an early demonstration of our approach to solving customer challenges by looking at new ways of working. 1995 Owners Steve and Mark Lucy visited their old school, All Saints in Kirkby, to recruit two apprentices... The two who joined were Steve Granite (aged 15), now CEO, and Paul Laverick (aged 16), now Head of Abbey’s Powders division.

Abbey Road Tanks purchased one of its first ‘Abbey’ trucks, which was painted in the original colour scheme. Our choice of truck back then was a Scania 112M with 360bhp, not much by today’s standards. It’s great to look back and see some of our early customers are still with us today! These included Lever Brothers (now Unilever), Trafford Edible Oils and Peerless Refinery (both now ADM) and BEOCO (now Cargill). Back then, we were dedicated to transporting bulk liquid products only. 1992 Our expansion started with the purchase of a second depot on Brasenose Road, Bootle. The company was operating around 25 trucks and employed 35 people. Our

Abbey enters the highly specialist liquid chocolate transport market. Stating intentions early on, Abbey builds a three-pot ‘Jumbo tank’ designed to enable the road networking of chocolate and oils/fats/syrup on the same tanker. Dave Coulson, Harry Conroy and Bernie Hollund are appointed alongside Steve and Mark Lucy. These were the first non-family Directors to be


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