Abbey Logistics Magazine Spring Edition 2021

to help attract more young people to the logistics industry and offer them opportunities when they leave school. This initiative has since become a well-known brand within the logistics industry, attracting

Excellence’ award, topping off a fantastic achievement for Abbey and its employees. Winning Haulier of the Year for a second time ensured that Abbey was now considered one of the most successful logistics companies in the UK. 2015

sugar distribution for British Sugar throughout the UK. 2017

support from more than 50 logistics companies and reaching up to 3,000 young people per year. 2014

Abbey acquires competitor Armet Logistics, a specialist liquid food bulk tanker company based in Liverpool. The acquisition makes Abbey the largest bulk liquid food road tanker company in the UK. 2017

Following a new warehousing contract award, Abbey opens its warehousing facility in Bromborough on the Wirral.

To give customers more flexibility, Abbey adds

Abbey acquires Seafield Logistics. The acquisition involves 47 trucks and 65

intermodal ISO tank containers to the fleet for the first time, allowing customers more flexibility when transporting products in and out of Europe. 2016

employees being added to the bulk powder division, making Abbey a key player in the powders market. As a result, Abbey sets about building the ‘Safest Powder Tanker’ on the market, which was revolutionary at the time and fitted with more cameras for the driver, ground- level operating equipment and vulnerable road user protection than any other tanker on the road. The tanker pushed other operators and manufacturers to look at what was possible in terms of safety equipment on tankers and the majority of its features are now standard equipment on most bulk powder tankers. Fleet size is now 304 trucks and over 400 people with a turnover of £36m. 2014

In September 2017, we bid a sad farewell to Mark Lucy, one of Abbey’s three founding brothers, who passed away. 2017

Management buyout, led by Steve Granite and supported by North Edge Capital. The buyout enabled the Lucy family to exit the business, realising their well-earned reward, and allowed Abbey to begin an exciting new chapter. 2016

Also in 2017, Professional Liverpool, the organisation which promotes professional excellence in the Liverpool City Region, recognised the Abbey Logistics management buyout, which was supported by NorthEdge Capital, as its Corporate Finance Deal of the Year.

Abbey joins an elite group of just three hauliers in winning the Motor Transport ‘Haulier of the Year’ for a second time. We also won the ‘Business

Also in 2016, Abbey began operations for British Sugar in Abbey’s largest contract to date. Abbey took control of


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