Abbey Logistics Magazine Spring Edition 2021

To better explain our bag-to-bulk services, we recently created a short film to demonstrate our bag-to-bulk materials handling service. VIDEO SHOOT AT OUR BAG-TO- BULK FACILITY ON THE WIRRAL

O n a crisp day in early Autumn, we filmed the entire process, from end to end, to show exactly what is involved in this increasingly popular service. Fortunately, the weather was very kind to us and thanks to one of the drones we were using as part of the filming, we were able to show in a single shot just how close we are to Liverpool port,

a major benefit for customers importing bulk product. Our bag-to-bulk service gives customers flexibility and a cost-effective solution for reformatting bulk bags

and reformat most low- hazard free-flowing products under one roof quickly and safely before delivering to the end-user through our nationwide tanker fleet. The bag-to-bulk service gives customers more options in how they distribute their products and a simpler, more efficient supply chain.

of various sizes into bulk road tankers, ISO tanks and silo containers.

On the Wirral, we store products, manage inventory,

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