Abbey Logistics Magazine Spring Edition 2021


Abbey has taken delivery of 11 new latest generation trucks that will go into Abbey’s core British Sugar fleet, providing bulk sugar transport movements throughout the UK and Ireland.

T he new CF trucks from DAF feature latest generation aerodynamics, engines and gearboxes, together with dynamic intelligent driving modes designed for maximum transport efficiency and minimum emissions. The vehicles will produce up to 20% less nitrogen oxides and fewer particulates than previous generation vehicles being replaced in the fleet, as British Sugar maximises the environmental benefits of home-grown sugar. As the sole processor of the UK’s beet sugar crop, British Sugar are the leading producer of sugar for the British and Irish food and beverage markets, processing around eight million tonnes of sugar beet that produces around 1.4 million tonnes of sugar each year. British-grown beet sugar fulfils 50% of the UK’s sugar demand and the industry supports up to 9,500 jobs, with sugar

going into food processing and onto supermarket shelves under the Silver Spoon brand. British Sugar has made significant pledges to achieve environmental and efficiency goals in its 2030 Sustainability commitments, and its supply chains will play a crucial role in achieving these. Stewart Dickson, British Sugar’s Logistics Contracts Manager, said: “We want to reduce the impact on the environment across all our supply chains and transport our home- grown sugar as efficiently as possible. We are delighted that Abbey Logistics understands and shares our commitment

Logistics’ engineers and our own sustainability experts have procured the very best and most appropriate vehicles for our operation, which will help achieve our sustainability goals, support our customers and the long-term competitiveness of home-grown British sugar.” Matthew Parsons, Abbey Logistics’ General Manager for the British Sugar contract, said: “Continued investment in our fleet is essential to ensure all operations under our control are efficient and have the lowest impact on the environment. “This most recent investment will remove less efficient vehicles from the bulk sugar transport fleet and further

to ensuring our transport fleet continues to reduce

reduces the emissions generated from home- grown sugar transport.”

emissions through intelligent management of deliveries and having the latest generation of vehicles in operation. Working side by side, Abbey


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