Abbey Logistics Magazine Spring Edition 2021

More than routine maintenance

Good as new Abbey’s refurbishment scheme updates older trailers with new axles, brakes, and electrical systems to modernise them and bring them up to date with newer trailers in the fleet. Cosmetically, our refurbished tankers have insulation panels replaced, new livery and a full repaint and polish.

Having vehicles and trailers off the road is costly and impacts service. Our ability to reduce the time they are off the road by managing their maintenance and repair in-house and preventing unnecessary breakdowns gives us a significant competitive advantage in our markets. Planning for the future Abbey is well aware of the importance of planning for the future and securing a pipeline of talented engineers and technicians. For that reason, we offer apprenticeship places each year to young people looking to start their careers in vehicle and road tanker maintenance. Supported by our teams of qualified engineers, our apprentices work towards an industry-recognised qualification through an established and successful earn-while-you-learn scheme. Abbey’s apprentices are an important part of our VMUs and, upon completion of their course, go into full- time roles within the fleet team, ready to support the following years’ recruits. Exceptionally talented team Our team of technicians and engineers have decades of experience between them, they take great pride in the work they do and understand the responsibility they have and the positive impact their work has on our customers. Having such a capable and professional team supporting the business has enabled Abbey to consistently grow, demonstrating to both new and existing customers that one of the most important factors in a dependable and reliable supply chain is a logistics partner who can provide a well-maintained, compliant and reliable fleet.

Abbey has invested more than £4.5 million in its fleet in the last six months, on new vehicles and trailers as part of our annual fleet replacement scheme and through new business growth. While our trucks need replacing every couple of years, a well-maintained tanker trailer can last much longer, and still perform just as well as a new one in terms of safety, reliability, and payload. Service schedules must be followed for trailers, but preventative maintenance and updating and upgrading trailers to ensure they have the latest specifications is a vital part of minimising technical and reliability problems. Replacing parts before they impact reliability is part of routine maintenance at our VMUs and is key to avoiding breakdowns. In addition to this, over the last six months

The combination of refurbishment and

preventative maintenance is one of the most important steps we can take to ensure our tankers don’t let us down and our customers experience maximum uptime in their supply chains. In-house capability increases customer service Abbey operates across the food, minerals and polymers sectors. Many of our vehicles are highly specialised and bespoke for the materials they transport. Abbey has the knowledge and experience of this specialist equipment in-house, which significantly speeds up repair times and ensures the required work is completed by experts who understand the equipment, and have the necessary experience

Abbey has invested more than £500,000 in a fleet refurbishment scheme.

needed for maintaining these specialist units.


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