Abbey Logistics Magazine Spring Edition 2021


additional responsibility. There are many other benefits and each intern provides their own unique contribution

to the company, so we are delighted to

continue to support this important programme.

THE SECTOR NEEDS MORE SUPPORT FROM WITHIN If there’s one message that comes through loud and clear from our interns it’s that they didn’t know much about the sector before their internship and were surprised at the variety of different roles and professions available in our industry. The work of Career Ready and Think Logistics is vital if we are going to address the skills shortfall, and no one is going to wave a magic wand and make the skills gap go away. So schemes like this which raise awareness about the opportunities our sector has are vital for bringing the next generation into our sector. It is up to us as an industry to proactively get out and tell young people that there are exciting and fulfilling opportunities available in logistics, and we know that through the right support and guidance, young people can and do thrive in the industry and achieve great things.

Kelve 

The process of hiring an intern involves an interview process which is supported by Career Ready; this finds people best suited to their host company, and companies like Abbey know they will have someone joining them that will contribute during their time with the business. This means that once onboard, our interns are an additional resource that can and do provide support,

helping in busy departments within the business.

During their time with a host company, an intern will need the support of a manager; this is a fantastic opportunity to give existing employees people-management experience in real-world situations and, from our own experience, we know that our managers have learnt a great deal from the internship programme and gained new skills as a result of the


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