Abbey Logistics Magazine Spring Edition 2021

Our friend and colleague Mark Leonard, 4th from left 

I want to thank all employees for going the extra mile and give a special thank you to the drivers who are working extra hard to cover the shortfall, and to our planning teams who are dealing with the shortage. You have all performed exceptionally well given the wider sector issues.

In the magazine, you will also be pleased to read that we have been successful with some new business in powders, warehouse and liquids.

We’re aiming to increase turnover to £70m this year but the most important thing is to retain our people and customers, with growth second on our list.

We’re due to take delivery of more than 50 new trucks between November ‘21 and February ‘22, which will be distributed across all divisions. This will give the fleet a great image lift and our drivers the best possible equipment with which to do their jobs.

Thank you once again for your continued efforts, this last six months has been tough, but we can see that we’re now getting back to normal levels of driver resource.

Finally, I want to pay respect to Mark Leonard, a long-serving driver from Hull who passed away recently. Mark was a valuable part of the team and someone who I personally had a lot of time for. Mark came on a charity ride with me and other members of the team a few years back when we cycled from Hull to Liverpool. He will be badly missed and our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

Best regards,

Steve Granite CEO


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