Board Converting News, January 18, 2021

DS Smith Partners With Brrr Box On Cooler Alternative To Styrofoam Atlanta, Georgia based DS Smith has joined forces with Vig Pak LLC to introduce Brrr Box, a patented, 100 percent recyclable, biodegradable cooler that incorporates some of the most modern technologies available in corrugated cardboard packaging.

its sustainable alternative to Styrofoam. Unlike typical plastic foam coolers, Greencoat is bio- degradable, made of sustainable and renewable fiber that reduces waste to landfills and carbon emissions. “Greencoat was launched 13 years ago as a revolution- ary product created to survive the harsh poultry shipping supply-chain and has since been adopted by a number of other markets. Brrr Box is a natural extension of the product line that’s ideal for consumers looking for an eco-friendly, durable way to transport ice and cold bever- ages without the negative impact of Styrofoam,” said Mel- anie Galloway, Sales, Marketing and Innovation Director at DS Smith Packaging North America. Galloway announced the partnership with Brrr Box co-founder and President Ed Battle, who said the Brrr Box is an innovative corrugated beverage cooler solution be- ing used by a major U.S. convenience store chain to re- place Styrofoam coolers. “The chain was looking for a disposable cooler that performed as well as Styrofoam, first and foremost,” he said. “They are also conscious of precious floor space in stores, and Brrr Box is shipped and displayed flat, so they can carry more inventory in a much smaller footprint. And, frankly, they wanted an environmentally friendly alterna- tive as well. Brrr Box is the only product that does that.” Battle said it’s not a single-use cooler. It opens and closes with one hand, assembles in about five seconds,

Named “The Official Cooler of Planet Earth,” Brrr Box uses DS Smith’s proprietary Greencoat corrugated mois- ture-resistant and FDA food contact-safe material to coat



January 18, 2021

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