Board Converting News, January 18, 2021

Converter Outlook, Part 2 (CONT’D FROM PAGE 24)

RUSKEN PACKAGING INC. Cullman, Alabama: Rusken Packaging reports, “While 2020 has been a tumultuous year, full of uncertainties and shifts in demands, one thing is for certain: eCommerce pack- aging is more important than ever. Prior to the pandemic, eCommerce sales were predicted to rapidly increase over 35 percent by the year 2023, according to a statista re- port. Today, this market shift has accelerated even more. Many organizations are pivoting to a direct-to-consumer model and will continue to adapt to this changing market for the foreseeable future. “As eCommerce sales replace the traditional brick and mortar retail experience, the product packaging and un- boxing experience is, in many ways, the new storefront and provides a unique way of connecting with the end consumer. And within the online retail packaging sector, corrugated packaging is expected to account for over 80 percent of the market, according to PMMI. Not only does corrugated offer a reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective way of delivering products, the customization opportuni- ties are vast. “With eCommerce top of mind, Rusken Packaging, Inc. (Rusken) has continued to invest in its capabilities to best serve the needs of their customers. A significant portion of these investments have been machine additions at sever- al of our facilities, including two new K&L machines at our Cullman, Alabama, headquarters and Harrisburg, Arkan- sas, location. With custom printing and branding a focus for many with eCommerce packaging, these machines en- hancements provide the Rusken team with optimal capa- bilities, printing both inside and out, and ultimately adding efficiencies for their customers. “Additionally, the packaging design and prototyping phase has become more critical to meet eCommerce packaging needs, as designing the ultimate unboxing ex- perience, including custom messaging, is a top priority. Rusken has invested in the collaborative design approach with enhanced 3D and graphic design software capabili- ties as a one-stop shop for this process. The ability to col- laborate with customers to create a package design that fits around products, limits waste, and provides optimal branding is an extremely exciting and rewarding aspect for the design and sales teams. Seeing an initial idea come to fruition and ultimately run and ship with success, is some- thing the Rusken team is continually investing in to meet increasing demands. “In recent months, Rusken has also established a new online Custom Design Tool ( ) that allows prospective, new, and existing customers the ability to create their own design to begin this collabora- tive phase with sales and design. “With a surge in demand for both eCommerce retail and corrugated packaging in 2020, Rusken has invested in new locations, as well as increased capacity at existing



January 18, 2021

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