WOOF FOR VETS A Dog, A Difference

Our Goals 1. Promote a positive impact on veterans that suffer from deployment related issues and reduce suicidal deaths. 2. Financially assist multiple veterans on fixed income or those do not have any extra money to pay for veterinarian emergencies or wellness health care such as (vaccines, heart and deworming treatment, flea and tick prevention and grooming). 3. Improve family relations, job retention, help heal and renew security and calmness. 4. Boost the number of Preservation Purebred Breeders to meet the needs of veterans wanting a purebred dog of their choice of breeds. 5. Increase the number of canine trainers, group classes and locations at no costs to veterans. Hello Beverly and Sue, We met at the state fair. I’m the jarhead that has liver cancer caused by the vinyl chloride seepage in the drinking water wells at Camp Lejeune, NC. I receive 100% disability for my cancer as there is no cure for it. But, we also joked and bs’d telling war stories. Lol. I also referred JackAlexander your way, you wanted to get a foothold on the western side of the state . I’ll get you more referrals, probably as many as you’d like!!! Well, we’re out of the RV and living in a home now. We had been cruising around the country loving this beautiful country we live in! I’m not so sure we should get rid of the RV, unfortunately, happy wife happy life!!! Lol! There is some truth to that! Anyway, I am (and have been since our European German shepherd dog [GSD] has passed) ready to accept the responsibility of another puppy!!! They are awesome and wondrous dogs. Ours was a 129 lb male that had a huge tumor on his liver. He was only 8 years old when he passed. Finally, please let me know how and what we need to get things started. I’m pretty excited, we discussed another GSD or a Caucasian Sheppard! Of course, we need to discuss our options with you! Again, I love the idea of having another puppy/puppies running around

Woof for Vets, 501(c) (3) non-profit as of Sept. 2016. Charter No. N000701322. We started Woof for Vets to make a difference in the lives of American Veterans who suffer from deployment related issues. Dogs are expensive for a lot of our veterans on fixed income, disability and/or receiving Social Security. It’s hard for them to even think about getting a dog other than one at the pound or rescue (who doesn’t know where the dog came from or if they have any unknown problems). Veteran’s pick the breed and gender they prefer and visit with the breeder before making a final decision. Purebred dogs are born and raised in the USA given by Preservation Purebred Breeders to veterans as a gift and for many of our veterans it’s more than a gift, it’s a gift of life. Without Preservation Purebred Breeders, this would not be possible without the countless hours breeders work home raising and nurturing puppies. With open hearts, Preservation Purebred Breeders provide a dog/ puppy to veterans and it’s their way of saying “Thank you for your service.” Our Mission Woof for Vets is dedicated to providing free purebred dogs born and raised in the USA to as many veterans as possible to improved everyday life. Our Vision 1. Encourage veterans to be active and turn their minds from a negative mind to a positive mind. 2. Work together across boundaries that make a positive difference in veterans’ lives. 3. Inspire healthier communities by connecting people to veterans and Preservation Purebred Breeders. 4. Strengthen awareness and lobby Congressional Representatives to pass legislative bills on the behalf of veterans needs such as: veterinarian canine wellness health care, emergency treatment, health insurance and basic obedience to specialized training at a low or no cost to veterans.


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