the house!!! I have attached a copy of the application and I’m not sure that’s the way to go or should I fax or mail it? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you would, let me know when you can, please. Thank you both very much. Respectfully, Christopher Love Thanks to Woof for Vets and the kindness of a breeder from Seneca, MO who made it possible to bring back laughter and joy to a much needed Vet! When Beverly called Ken to let him know there was a 3 month old white female Schnauzer available, he was so excited! The breeders, Marcee and Johnny, met us to pick her up. They were kind and caring people, so happy to donate to this worthy cause. Since they did not serve, they wanted to give back to the military men and women in appreciation for the sacrifice they’ve made for their families’ freedom. This was one way they could do just that! We were so grateful to them for not only donating the puppy, but seeing to every need that may arise, such as shots, wormer, ear mites prevention, microchip, food, and even ears and tail docked! Ken named her Magnolia after his deceased mother’s favorite flower. All the way home she slept in Ken’s arms; they bonded and she has not left his side! Ken wanted to say, “He cannot thank Woof for Vets and the breeders, Marcee and Johnny, enough for the joy they have put back in his life!” It’s good to hear him laugh out loud again when he plays with Magnolia…it’s been years. Thank youWoof for Vets for what you do to improve our military men and women’s lives! We so appreciate you! Ken and Bonnie The next time you meet a veteran, don’t say “thank you for your service”; instead try shaking their hand and saying “welcome home, how was it, and how are you?” Caring for a dog’s well-being can also contribute in a positive way to your own health.



will be mailed with the 3rd quarter magazine.


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