Well, it’s summertime, and puppy sales are great! Let’s hope they stay that way. MPBA is working on some new ideas to help market our member’s puppy sales! With it being summer, that means it’s fair time. MPBA will be at the State Fair again, and the chapters will be at the local fairs, supporting the 4-H kids. On a other issue, HR 6921, “The Healthy Dog Importation Act” is a bill created to stop the flood of unhealthy dogs coming into the U.S. If you are not familiar with this bill, take time to read and get behind the push to get it passed. Let’s hope everything keeps going well and everyone stays safe! the Prez Sez

Kevin Beauchamp, MPBA President

I hope everyone is well and surviving COVID-19. We were lucky that ours was the last conference before the virus hit. No one

from your Publicity Director

contracted the virus at our conference. In this issue, you will find the particulars to the “Healthy Dog Importation Act”. It was introduced in May by legislators that are veterinarians. It is in the Agricultural committee now. Perhaps you do not know the current law which allows the importation of puppies without a health certificate, under the guise that they cannot get the “necessary” veterinary treatment in their country. This could mean something as insignificant as that there is no rabies vaccine on the shelf. These puppies come in without a health certificate and never return. It is estimated that over l million came into the US in 2019. Many are underage puppies and many are dead when they arrive. The USDA currently has no authority over this system. Only the inspectors at the port of entry. Please contact your representatives and senators to show support for this bill. Due to the COVID-19 travelling restrictions, these puppies are not currently being imported, and guess what? There is no overage of puppies in the US! This is the reason your puppy prices are so high. There is actually a shortage of puppies produced by US breeders. Please come hear Patrick Keith, Compliance Specialist, speak to us on the new USDA regulations. We have got to unite and support our industry! Patrick Keith will be speaking on August 11th at the Mills Center at 6:00 p.m. Enough of my soap box I have no puppies to sell right now, and the broker price is up $200 to $300. Rescues are paying $500 per puppy. In a time of trouble, we have been lucky. Support. Support. Support. Ann Quinn, MPBA Publicity Director


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