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the importance of zoos to animals in their care and in the wild.

Every day our team is working hard to protect and support our heritage and traditions by fighting back against the ideology of animal rights extremists and other groups. We help to educate and inform about threats to our way of life including agriculture, farming, ranching, land use, and animal ownership. We can’t do it alone. We rely on your donations to continue to do the work we do. We are not immune to the effects of COVID19 and need your support now more than ever. Any and all donations would be greatly appreciated at this time. Together we can preserve our American heritage and way of life.

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DxE Could Be Knocking at Your Door

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The organization Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) has been very forthcoming in their intent to raid U.S. farms and ranches in an effort to “expose” them. Showing up unannounced and illegally trespassing, has been a mainstay of theirs since the group’s founding. In several cases it’s led to jail time on their part and criminal charges have been brought, especially to DxE’s former leader and co-founder, Wayne Hsiung. We know that DxE is currently in Iowa with the intent to trespass and film hog farms across the state. Activists associated with the group have already done so and been charged with felonious trespassing. This group has, and continues to, post videos on social platforms proving their involvement and intent. We warn all hog producers in the area to remain alert and know that activists could be and will be knocking at your door. To read the full article, follow this link: https:// at-your-door/

Zoos Offer a Valuable Service - Wildlife World Zoo Wildlife World Zoo - Zoos Offer a Valuable Service While visiting the Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona earlier this year we caught up with Dr. Grey Stafford, an animal trainer and zoo advocate for over 30 years. He shares


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