Brauns Law October 2018


Heart of the Firm How We Deal With Fear

When I first started in law, I worked for the insurance companies. I started as a defense attorney because I knew I wanted become an injury lawyer, and the best way to help my future clients win cases was to know all the tricks the other side would pull. But when I did flip sides, I discovered my job couldn’t start and end with the case. If I wanted to truly help my clients, I needed to be there for them. I needed to approach each situation with empathy, provide emotional support where I could, and learn how to deal with fear. There are all these ads from certain kinds of lawyers who boast about how they can get their clients a “big check.” They frame it like getting paid is the only thing that matters in a case. Yes, being awarded a settlement is why we take the case to court, and that check really helps clients who are in bad situations, but the money comes at the end. There are so many other problems clients will deal with between the time they are hurt and when their case is over six months, 12 months, or even two years later! Most people live paycheck to paycheck. The slightest disturbance can set off a domino effect that turns their whole life upside down. If they get hurt and suddenly aren’t able to go to work, or their injury forces them to take a lower-paying job, things start to fall apart. Sure, in 12 months they might get a big check, but that doesn’t help when they aren’t getting paid this month or they aren’t getting the medical treatment they need to recover.

“When people walk into the office, they’re scared.”

The real focus of this firm is to fix problems first and get money later. That’s the heart of what we do. When people walk into the office, they’re scared. They’re afraid of being homeless because they can’t pay rent. They’re afraid of having their car repossessed and not being able to get around on their own. They’re afraid of not being able to buy groceries to feed their families. They’re afraid they may never get better after their injury because they don’t have the right medical insurance. These are all very serious and very real fears people experience after an accident. The good news is that we’ve been doing this long enough that we have seen most fears people experience and have a plan for dealing with them. We can help clients get through the health care system and enjoy phenomenal medical care. We can work with landlords to get rent put off until the settlement comes in. We can figure out how to take care of a client’s family when they aren’t able to work for a while.

Each client we’ve helped over the years has given us the skills to better help the next client who walks through the door. Most of my days are spent helping clients address their problems, overcome their fears, and create a more stable foundation until they are able to go out and enjoy their lives again. It’s not easy, but when you see the fear leave a person’s eyes because they realize they don’t have to worry anymore, it’s worth every ounce of work. -David Brauns


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